Sunday, October 28, 2012

38 weeks

Due to Hurricane Sandy, the regularly scheduled pumpkin carve that was supposed to be yesterday, was postponed to today. Our friends Jeff & Katie have hosted it every year since 2007, and it's such a great party with chili and soup, and lots of desserts. This year seemed somewhat different with kids EVERYWHERE! It was great fun, just different!

We continued with the baby theme for our next pumpkin, and here it is with our pumpkin from last weekend...

Unfortunately a few of the pumpkins had already left for the evening (probably had something to do with all those kids they needed to get home), but here is the "lighting of the pumpkins" that were left...

We tried to get a photo with our little black cat Rudy in it, but she was just too fast for the camera!

(Scroll over to see her quick movements!)

As for the pregnancy, I must say that with the hurricane's barometric pressure and the full moon tomorrow night, I'm hoping that we'll have a baby sooner rather than later! Ironically, the fruit which is representative of a baby at 38 weeks is a pumpkin! Feels like a pumpkin in there, I'm looking forward to my appointment in the morning!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

37 weeks 6 days

Basically we are playing the waiting game on the arrival of our little one. We are 38 weeks tomorrow, and it seems like the next 2 weeks can't go fast enough!

We had an ultrasound on Thursday to try and determine the weight. At our last appointment, the doctor thought the baby was really "solid", and after I mentioned that Brian weighed 10 lbs when he was born, she suggested the ultrasound to make sure we weren't looking at double-digits for our Baby Girl! Of course, I didn't object, considering I want to see her every chance I get!

If you can't tell what you are looking at, simply hover the mouse over the photo, and our "sketch" image should appear. This should help you to make it out!

The ultrasound was great, and confirmed that she is indeed a girl, that she is head down, and that she currently weighs 6 lbs 15 oz, which will put her around 8 lbs if she makes it to 40 weeks!

Me on the other hand... my blood pressure was elevated, as was my protein,  and with the swelling and headache I've experienced over the past week, there is a little concern that there may be pre-eclampsia. Nothing to get too alarmed over at this point in the pregnancy, but it did mean more blood work for me, as well as 24 hours of urine collection to determine kidney function is normal. Plus, I go back to the doctor on Monday for a Non-Stress Test (NST) to make sure all is well.

Otherwise, I'm still working, and life is going on pretty normal these days, although a lot more time is being spent in the recliner, which I'm not complaining about! Just glad it's the weekend!

And a very happy birthday to our niece Graham! Sorry we are missing the celebration!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


My most loyal reader (my dad), asked how the neon sign looks lit up in the nursery. So although it was a little tricky to photograph, I thought I'd go ahead and update everyone! So here goes...

Obviously these were taken without a flash, and the New Belgium sign really lights up the room! I'm really digging the glow!


With the nursery ending completion, I've started revealing a little more at a time with each passing post. There's part of me that feels like it will never be finished, and we'll have to see how it's lived in before it can be fully appreciated. I'm ok with that. No room is ever "done" I guess, just grows over time, besides she'll have to make it her own, right? So for now, I'll just fill you in on the little bits and pieces that we've thrown in to get her started, with the back-story of why we did it, and what we were thinking!

Like this next idea, that was one of those things that I tossed around in my head for a long time before we even were pregnant. I won't harp on the fact that the theme of mine and Brian's relationship seems to be the bicycle, more on that here. And therefore, it only seemed fitting that our new baby girl's nursery would also have bicycles as an underlying theme, per se. You may recall that the most interesting shower gift we received was from my dad, which was a Fat Tire neon sign. More on that here. It currently resides on top of the hamper, but may find a more permanent place eventually, although I'm kind of liking it here!

In my planning, I always thought it would be so cute to incorporate bike baskets as the baskets in the room for holding all our storage needs, but the practicality of this, mixed with the layout of the room, the plaster walls, and the furniture used, it just didn't seem all that feasible, mostly for accessing each of those baskets - easily.

I mention the plaster walls because it's something that I've been trying to avoid drilling or nailing into since moving into the house. We have a picture rail, that we actually use, in all the rooms of the original house (with the exception of the bathroom). And even though I know it can be patched, it just kills me to mess up these original plaster walls. BUT, in the nursery, we have already drilled into the plaster in order to hang the wall-mounted quilt rack.

Next up, the layout of the room and the furniture we are using, played a big part. We decided to use a bookshelf that we already had as the changing table area. And because the shelf looks like cubes, and has plenty of space for storing normal baskets, we decided to go this route, placing the changing pad on top.

Notice how this piece of furniture fills up this wall? And although you could potentially hang the bike baskets above the changing table, they would be really hard to reach, since it's a pretty tall shelf already. Ideally, you would put them to the side, where they'd be easily accessible, and not hanging over the baby! But alas, there's no room. 

This is where the idea of the mural came into play, and I actually saw a similar one to what we ended up doing on my mom's Pinterest page. So it was only fitting that my mom paint the mural, especially since she's done this one for my niece Ellie...

And this one for my niece Abby...

Ours is much more simple, due again to space constraints, but it's just what I wanted to get my bike basket up on the wall! So when Mom, Allison, and Ellie came down for the Charleston shower, we squeezed this project in with a few others.

I started by bringing my actual bike in for scale, and then sketched it out on the wall. This is where Mom and Ellie set to work on painting...

And in the end, we had a lovely little bicycle coming out of the wall!

And all it needed was a basket full of toys...

So there you have it, our simple mural for our baby girl! Just a subtle little touch to play up the theme.

If the placement seems odd, I wanted it to look like it was being held up by the window frame, and the base board also got in the way, so I thought it would look better set on top of the board, rather than interfering with it! 

We do have a couple of more baskets like this that we received as gifts, which may eventually end up mounted on the wall, but for now, I'm already feeling like the room is a little cluttered! Holding off on those for the time being!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

37 weeks

So we have 3 more weeks until our due date! That's right, 37 weeks! This is a big deal, considering 37 weeks is considered "full term", meaning that if she came now, then she's pretty much fully developed and can breathe on her own!

We went to a Pumpkin Carving Party tonight at one of Brian's co-workers house. It was so much fun, with lots of little boys running around everywhere and adults  hanging out. Delicious chili, cornbread, pumpkin muffins, and roasted pumpkin seeds.

We decided to go simple on the pumpkin, and what better way than with a small baby pumpkin! 

Happy Halloween, y'all!

Friday, October 19, 2012

election selec[tion]

Due to the unpredictable nature of our current situation...

And interestingly enough, I learned from one of the volunteers at the polling place that they had been averaging 500 people a day since the absentee polls opened! Although today, they had already had over 700 people come through, and there were still 2 hours left on the clock. That's just my county! I'm glad to know so many people are already getting out there!

So Dad, that means you can stop sending me the political emails... it's too late to change my vote now!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

baby blanket collec[tion]

Since I told you about the Monroe shower yesterday, and revealed the fabulous quilt that we received, I thought I should share how we ended up displaying it. Along with the handmade baby blankets we received at the Spartanburg shower.

I really wanted to showcase all of these as a special part of the decor in the room, which meant getting them up on the wall. At first I was thinking a single bar with a shelf above for storing more knick knacks.

But the single bar didn't do me much good with 4 to 5 blankets to display, and at just over $100, it seemed a steep price to pay. Trying to do this on the cheap, y'all! 

So I continued my search, and although I'm not really into the whole "scrolling" look, the price on this metal, wall-mounted piece seemed too good to pass up, especially at $60 on

Not only that, but the white, wooden rack above wouldn't ship for 4-6 weeks (after the baby arrives)! Which was a HUGE part of me not wanting to go that route. This metal guy above shipped in 2 days! That's right, I ordered it on Wednesday, and by Friday it had arrived!

This is where I need to thank my friend Jen on multiple levels... 1. she was still at work on Friday afternoon when it was delivered, so she kindly brought it downtown where it would be easier for me to retrieve over the weekend, and 2. she made me feel better about the scrolls, saying they looked like tree branches!

So without further ado, here it is up on the wall!

And a sneak peak of the nursery to boot! It's coming along. I'll try to do a final reveal of the full room soon, since it's getting very close to being done!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monroe Shower Celebra[tion]

Charles & Veronica hosted a shower for us in Georgia, so we made a weekend of it. Starting with a night at Penfield with Brian's sisters and cousins from NY, and nieces, and nephew, and Aunt Alice. We had such a great time with great conversation over dinner and late night board games. The next day we all went down to the cemetery for a picnic before making our way to Monroe for the shower.


Once in Monroe, the house looked gorgeous, and Veronica had all the simple touches including 'wishes for baby', and a fun game of for the crowd. She had also asked that we bring photos of us as babies, so those were placed around the house as well.

She also had displayed the invitation along with lemon candy treats.

Tables were set perfectly...

I wish that I had photos of the shrimp dip, spicy chicken dip, hummus, olive stuffed pastries that were to die for, caprese, and baby tacos, BUT I was way too busy eating it all! Before dinner, Gretchen organized a group picture, which I am so happy to have. Wish we had a group photo from each of the showers!

There were so many yummy hors d'oeuvres, it was hard to believe there was still a full meal ahead of us... Honey Rosemary Chicken, Brown Rice, and Apple Orange Coleslaw! Oh my, it was all so delicious! And let's not forget dessert! Brownies, apples with creamy dip, and I believe banana bread.

Afterwards, it was time for gifts and games!

We got so many great gifts including books, cd's, bath gear, diapers and such, our activity gym, trash can, gift cards, toys, and lots and lots of clothes!

One of our favorite gifts was a handmade quilt from Mary Ann who works at Sanders Furniture. It's just gorgeous, and keeps with the theme of the nursery, with an owl on a branch! LOVE!

The Alstons gave us a fully-stocked diaper bag, and Brian demonstrated how he will be carrying the imaginary car seat on a typical outing.

Along with the beautiful shower, Veronica provided quite the gift of garments! So many so, that we recruited the grandkids to each open a present...

Another exciting, handmade gift is from Kathryn (although it's not finished yet), she brought the framed cross-stitched prayer that inspired the one that she is making for Baby Girl Sanders. Tora & Kathryn each have one, and now Brian will have one for his family...

Can't wait to see the finished product! Thanks Kathryn!

And after a long, amazing evening, here we are with our lovely hosts...

The next morning, we were all up bright and early to head back to Penfield for a huge Sanders Family Reunion! What a whirlwind weekend! 

35 weeks

Sunday, October 14, 2012


My mom, sister, and niece came down to visit several weeks back for the Charleston shower, and over that weekend, we got several projects done. One of those projects was wall art for above the crib. I had big plans for a collage of Charleston, but that may come later! The reality... I'm tired! BUT, I was encouraged by my family to maybe bite off a smaller project, which is exactly what I did.

I wanted to use the new art to tie all the colors of the room together again, while also incorporating owls, and bicycles, and even the chevron print which is quite prevalent in the room. And here is what we ended up with!

I gathered various images online that I could manipulate and bring together to express all the things I wanted to say: "Owl love you ~ to the moon ~ & back again". Once printed, I rounded up a few white frames that I had around the house, and brought them all together...

I know they don't look evenly spaced in this photo, but trust me they are... just a weird angle! And it took me for-ev-er to get them to align. I love the picture rail, but it can be tricky sometimes!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

interpreta[tion] of a mobile

One of the items on the "Baby Stuff Items" list was to hang the mobile. This is a project that's been in the works for maybe a year? Yes, before I was even pregnant, I found this bicycle mobile online and purchased it right away. I seriously thought I had jinxed us from ever having a baby! Thank goodness it all worked out.

Anyway, back to the mobile... it was handmade in Kenya from recycled copper and steel wire. The website that I purchased it from is a Fair Trade store called Global Crafts. According to their website, their mission is to provide artisan crafts from developing countries to mainstream markets.

In the meantime, I found a few other mobile ideas on Pinterest that I thought I could combine with the mobile I already had, to create a one-of-a-kind mobile for our little tyke!

The first inspiration image was so clever for a bicycle-themed room, that I couldn't resist. I pinned it months ago, and finally made the leap. Originally I had seen it on Apartment Therapy, but the actual creator is Lauren from Lauren Clarks Blog.

I found a bicycle wheel on ebay for $9.99 (buy it now price), and then another $10 for shipping. But I was happy to have found it for $20 and went ahead and purchased it.

Next up, was another mobile I had pinned a while back from the Etsy shop Lil Sprout Creations (it's being sold for $50). Theirs is pretty elaborate with the silver rings connecting the dots, and the sophisticated bars and spacing, and long flowing strands of color.

Although I had originally thought of possibly making a similar version out of fishing line and paint chips, I already had these other two ideas that I wanted to combine. That is until we decided on a bed sheet for the little one...

It's called Skip Hop: Mod Dot and it is available at both Babies R' Us and Target, both of which we had registries. It truly incorporates the whole rainbow of colors that I was already thinking for the nursery, so it was perfect! BACK TO THE STORY.  The 'mod dots' reminded me of this mobile, so to tie everything together, I thought 'what the heck'... let's do this. I went to Lowe's and discreetly picked up about 24 paint chips, getting varying colors of blue, green, yellow, and red.

One thing that I wanted to change was the actual strands, sticking to one color per strand. So a blue strand, a green strand, a yellow strand, and a red strand. I started by trying to figure out how in the world I was going to get perfect circles cut from these chips, and that's when I remembered the oversized hole punch from Stampin' Up that I had from previous projects where I've used the candy cups for party favors, here and here. Lo and behold it was the perfect size for the circles that I needed! See below how I maximized the space allowed on the paint chip cards!

 Here's a shot of all the circles cut (remember I'll need a front and back for each circle, hence the double rows of each color). And the great thing about the hole punch is that they are all exactly the same size, which is helpful when we get to gluing the back to the front.

Next up, how to get these suckers on a mobile. I thought fishing line at first, but I didn't have any fishing line, and since the wire bicycles above were on black thread, I thought it would be nice to do these with black thread as well.

After deciding on a length for the rows, I measured out equal spacing between the circles.

Then it was time to glue!

Once glued, I weighted them down for drying.

Next came time to put it all together...

And now that it's finally hung in the room...

I can share it with you!

So for around $30, I have a completely unique mobile! I love it, and hopefully the baby will too!

Thanks Brian for rigging up the hook (which even rotates, by the way)!