Thursday, October 11, 2012

1-month countdown!

Is it weird that I'm thinking 10/11/12 would make a great birthday? I know, I know... she needs to cook a little longer. But speaking of that date, do you know what that means? We are exactly 1 MONTH from our due date! And I'm all kinds of scared, nervous, excited, anxious, etc. I'm especially ache-y. And I'm feeling quite huge!

If you follow the mindset that all we need is a car seat to get her home, and a place for her to sleep, then I'd say that we are definitely ready for her arrival. However, there still seems to be a long list of things that I still need to get done, as well as a list that Brian feels like he must get done. Let's take a look...

Baby Stuff List:

  • Insurance 
    • how does this even work? Is she automatically covered under me? YIKES! (Update thanks to Jen C. - contact insurance company up to 30 days after birth)
    • short-term disability... contact them on my way to the hospital? (Update thanks to Jen C. - contact shortly after birth)
  • Infant CPR (this coming Monday) - hallelujah, it's our last class!
    • I don't think I ever shared this, but we took just about every class the hospital offered including 9 hours of Lamaze, a Breastfeeding Class, and a Newborn Class.
    • They are all very helpful, but scared the CRAP out of me. Seriously, I was a huge, emotional mess on the days following each session. Mostly because they tell you EVERYTHING that could possibly go wrong during the delivery. UPDATE: I think Infant CPR may be the scariest class of all!
    • The best, most uplifting class of all was the Newborn Class, which really pumped us up, and made us feel like we were at least somewhat capable. 
  • Equip the car
    • Car seat/base
    • Car seat mirror
    • Car seat toys (decided not necessary right now!)
    • See what stroller looks like in trunk!
  • Pack 
    • my bag for the hospital
    • Brian's bag 
    • baby's bag
  • Laundry
    • newborn clothes
    • swaddles/blankets/sheets/bedding
    • burp clothes, bath towels, wash clothes, etc
  • Nursery
    • Finish hanging art
    • Hang the mobile
    • Hang baskets for diapers/wipes/toys
    • Hang quilt/blanket rack. Hang blankets & quilt on it! 
    • Clear off bookshelf of all things not the new baby's (albums, books, etc)
    • Fill all those shelves with what should be there (children's books, keepsakes, photos, toys)
    • Crib
      • Put mattress pad on mattress
      • Clean sheets
      • Iron bedskirt? Looking a little fresh out of the packaging. 
    • Finishing touches
  • Return items/Purchase items
    • Yes, unfortunately there were a few duplicates! To be expected. But hey, this just helps us in purchasing all those other things that weren't bought!
    • A trip to Babies R' Us and Target, armed with gifts, gift cards, gift receipts, shopping list.
  • Finish Thank You notes!
  • CLEAN! 
    • Guest bedroom - mainly for my mom who is planning on staying with us once the baby is here
    • Rug in living room, which is in dire need of professional cleaning, switch out with another rug in the house, temporarily.
    • General, overall house-scrubbing
Brian's list: 
which is totally self-imposed, and growing daily
  • Finish Master Bath
    • Tile & grout
      • Shower
      • Floor
    • Shelving unit
      • Assemble
      • Install/trim out
    • Paint?
    • Door Hardware
      • also in Master Bedroom
    • Install accessories
      • Towel bar
      • Toilet tissue holder
  • Dining Room
    • Shelving units
      • Assemble 1 of 2 
      • Install/trim out both
  • Yard
  • Paint shed - this came up last night, although totally not necessary before baby comes! Actually none of this is.
I'm truly hoping that these nesting instincts that I keep hearing about are going to kick in SOON. Actually, they may have kicked in last night, since I was dusting and vacuuming our bedroom like a mad-woman, and doing laundry while organizing my closet. Just need to get the rest of the house in the same shape! 

Sorry for the download of information, but I'm feeling quite overwhelmed, and this is a diary of sorts after all. A slice in time, showing 'how I was feeling in this last month of pregnancy'! Yeah, so 10/11/12 isn't looking like such a good birthday anymore, especially after seeing these lists!  Well that, and the 4 weeks she still needs for developing!

Excited for our doctor's appointment in the morning. From here on out we start going once a week!

~35 weeks, 4 days

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