Sunday, October 28, 2012

38 weeks

Due to Hurricane Sandy, the regularly scheduled pumpkin carve that was supposed to be yesterday, was postponed to today. Our friends Jeff & Katie have hosted it every year since 2007, and it's such a great party with chili and soup, and lots of desserts. This year seemed somewhat different with kids EVERYWHERE! It was great fun, just different!

We continued with the baby theme for our next pumpkin, and here it is with our pumpkin from last weekend...

Unfortunately a few of the pumpkins had already left for the evening (probably had something to do with all those kids they needed to get home), but here is the "lighting of the pumpkins" that were left...

We tried to get a photo with our little black cat Rudy in it, but she was just too fast for the camera!

(Scroll over to see her quick movements!)

As for the pregnancy, I must say that with the hurricane's barometric pressure and the full moon tomorrow night, I'm hoping that we'll have a baby sooner rather than later! Ironically, the fruit which is representative of a baby at 38 weeks is a pumpkin! Feels like a pumpkin in there, I'm looking forward to my appointment in the morning!

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