Wednesday, October 17, 2012

baby blanket collec[tion]

Since I told you about the Monroe shower yesterday, and revealed the fabulous quilt that we received, I thought I should share how we ended up displaying it. Along with the handmade baby blankets we received at the Spartanburg shower.

I really wanted to showcase all of these as a special part of the decor in the room, which meant getting them up on the wall. At first I was thinking a single bar with a shelf above for storing more knick knacks.

But the single bar didn't do me much good with 4 to 5 blankets to display, and at just over $100, it seemed a steep price to pay. Trying to do this on the cheap, y'all! 

So I continued my search, and although I'm not really into the whole "scrolling" look, the price on this metal, wall-mounted piece seemed too good to pass up, especially at $60 on

Not only that, but the white, wooden rack above wouldn't ship for 4-6 weeks (after the baby arrives)! Which was a HUGE part of me not wanting to go that route. This metal guy above shipped in 2 days! That's right, I ordered it on Wednesday, and by Friday it had arrived!

This is where I need to thank my friend Jen on multiple levels... 1. she was still at work on Friday afternoon when it was delivered, so she kindly brought it downtown where it would be easier for me to retrieve over the weekend, and 2. she made me feel better about the scrolls, saying they looked like tree branches!

So without further ado, here it is up on the wall!

And a sneak peak of the nursery to boot! It's coming along. I'll try to do a final reveal of the full room soon, since it's getting very close to being done!

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  1. I LOVE the idea 9and look) of the hanging blanket rack. What a sweet way to display quilts. I hung my Firstborn's quilt using a curtain rod. But your room and rack are so functional. getting close now - good luck with everything!