Monday, October 15, 2012

Monroe Shower Celebra[tion]

Charles & Veronica hosted a shower for us in Georgia, so we made a weekend of it. Starting with a night at Penfield with Brian's sisters and cousins from NY, and nieces, and nephew, and Aunt Alice. We had such a great time with great conversation over dinner and late night board games. The next day we all went down to the cemetery for a picnic before making our way to Monroe for the shower.


Once in Monroe, the house looked gorgeous, and Veronica had all the simple touches including 'wishes for baby', and a fun game of for the crowd. She had also asked that we bring photos of us as babies, so those were placed around the house as well.

She also had displayed the invitation along with lemon candy treats.

Tables were set perfectly...

I wish that I had photos of the shrimp dip, spicy chicken dip, hummus, olive stuffed pastries that were to die for, caprese, and baby tacos, BUT I was way too busy eating it all! Before dinner, Gretchen organized a group picture, which I am so happy to have. Wish we had a group photo from each of the showers!

There were so many yummy hors d'oeuvres, it was hard to believe there was still a full meal ahead of us... Honey Rosemary Chicken, Brown Rice, and Apple Orange Coleslaw! Oh my, it was all so delicious! And let's not forget dessert! Brownies, apples with creamy dip, and I believe banana bread.

Afterwards, it was time for gifts and games!

We got so many great gifts including books, cd's, bath gear, diapers and such, our activity gym, trash can, gift cards, toys, and lots and lots of clothes!

One of our favorite gifts was a handmade quilt from Mary Ann who works at Sanders Furniture. It's just gorgeous, and keeps with the theme of the nursery, with an owl on a branch! LOVE!

The Alstons gave us a fully-stocked diaper bag, and Brian demonstrated how he will be carrying the imaginary car seat on a typical outing.

Along with the beautiful shower, Veronica provided quite the gift of garments! So many so, that we recruited the grandkids to each open a present...

Another exciting, handmade gift is from Kathryn (although it's not finished yet), she brought the framed cross-stitched prayer that inspired the one that she is making for Baby Girl Sanders. Tora & Kathryn each have one, and now Brian will have one for his family...

Can't wait to see the finished product! Thanks Kathryn!

And after a long, amazing evening, here we are with our lovely hosts...

The next morning, we were all up bright and early to head back to Penfield for a huge Sanders Family Reunion! What a whirlwind weekend! 

35 weeks

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