Tuesday, October 23, 2012


With the nursery ending completion, I've started revealing a little more at a time with each passing post. There's part of me that feels like it will never be finished, and we'll have to see how it's lived in before it can be fully appreciated. I'm ok with that. No room is ever "done" I guess, just grows over time, besides she'll have to make it her own, right? So for now, I'll just fill you in on the little bits and pieces that we've thrown in to get her started, with the back-story of why we did it, and what we were thinking!

Like this next idea, that was one of those things that I tossed around in my head for a long time before we even were pregnant. I won't harp on the fact that the theme of mine and Brian's relationship seems to be the bicycle, more on that here. And therefore, it only seemed fitting that our new baby girl's nursery would also have bicycles as an underlying theme, per se. You may recall that the most interesting shower gift we received was from my dad, which was a Fat Tire neon sign. More on that here. It currently resides on top of the hamper, but may find a more permanent place eventually, although I'm kind of liking it here!

In my planning, I always thought it would be so cute to incorporate bike baskets as the baskets in the room for holding all our storage needs, but the practicality of this, mixed with the layout of the room, the plaster walls, and the furniture used, it just didn't seem all that feasible, mostly for accessing each of those baskets - easily.

I mention the plaster walls because it's something that I've been trying to avoid drilling or nailing into since moving into the house. We have a picture rail, that we actually use, in all the rooms of the original house (with the exception of the bathroom). And even though I know it can be patched, it just kills me to mess up these original plaster walls. BUT, in the nursery, we have already drilled into the plaster in order to hang the wall-mounted quilt rack.

Next up, the layout of the room and the furniture we are using, played a big part. We decided to use a bookshelf that we already had as the changing table area. And because the shelf looks like cubes, and has plenty of space for storing normal baskets, we decided to go this route, placing the changing pad on top.

Notice how this piece of furniture fills up this wall? And although you could potentially hang the bike baskets above the changing table, they would be really hard to reach, since it's a pretty tall shelf already. Ideally, you would put them to the side, where they'd be easily accessible, and not hanging over the baby! But alas, there's no room. 

This is where the idea of the mural came into play, and I actually saw a similar one to what we ended up doing on my mom's Pinterest page. So it was only fitting that my mom paint the mural, especially since she's done this one for my niece Ellie...

And this one for my niece Abby...

Ours is much more simple, due again to space constraints, but it's just what I wanted to get my bike basket up on the wall! So when Mom, Allison, and Ellie came down for the Charleston shower, we squeezed this project in with a few others.

I started by bringing my actual bike in for scale, and then sketched it out on the wall. This is where Mom and Ellie set to work on painting...

And in the end, we had a lovely little bicycle coming out of the wall!

And all it needed was a basket full of toys...

So there you have it, our simple mural for our baby girl! Just a subtle little touch to play up the theme.

If the placement seems odd, I wanted it to look like it was being held up by the window frame, and the base board also got in the way, so I thought it would look better set on top of the board, rather than interfering with it! 

We do have a couple of more baskets like this that we received as gifts, which may eventually end up mounted on the wall, but for now, I'm already feeling like the room is a little cluttered! Holding off on those for the time being!

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  1. What a cute idea! I love the bike and the basket!

    Thanks for inspiring me today!