Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spartanburg Shower Celebra[tion]

My mom & sister hosted a shower for me in Spartanburg (Week 34) for mostly family, but also a few of my Upstate friends and it was so great to see folks I hadn't seen in forever! This shower really took on the owl theme, starting with the invitations.... my mom knows how particular I am about graphics, so she actually asked if I wouldn't mind working on the invitations! Which I was so excited to do! Here was the final invite...

I was inspired by several images I saw online, but the final inspiration came from mine and Brian's wedding invitation, which is where the branch design came from... this isn't necessarily the best image, but the only one I have on hand at the moment! You get the gist.

Here is the full ensemble. Yes, I lined the envelopes with wrapping paper, as well as lining the back of the invite with the same print. Took forever, but I think the effect was worth it. Gave it a little more of a professional feel, and added a little interest. The small card (totally my mom's idea!) was also inserted, asking that in lieu of cards that you bring a children's book, signed with a special wish. (my apologies for the crappy cell phone pic!)

This was a wonderful idea because our little one has a great library started, and the best part was that there were no duplicates!

I took a few shots of the house before the guests arrived. My mom had hung an owl banner, as well as the cutest owls made from Chinese lanterns.

The nursery as you know is owls and bicycles, so the 'theme' of the shower was sort of the same, with an idea that she found on Pinterest, creating a tricycle diaper cake! Too cute!

And continuing with the bicycle and owl theme, here is the journal that I've been keeping track of all the gifts and nursery items in, as well as more decor below.

The food was awesome too... with owl cookies, owl, sandwiches, and various treats. Also Tiramisu, which was my favorite dessert from studying in Italy.

It was great having everyone around for the afternoon, including Brian's sisters, nieces, and cousin Ruth!

I also loved having all the nieces around, playing inside and out!

There were presents galore, and fortunately this time Brian was around to take some of the attention off of me!

I've been asked several times, what's the 'most interesting' gift I've received at my showers (considering we've had four now!)... and hands down, it would have to be from by dad and Gail. Again, our theme is bicycles. Always has been. From our engagement photos, to leaving our wedding on our tandem, to our pregnancy announcement, it's been a recurring theme in our relationship, so it's only appropriate that it would continue into the nursery. My dad's creative idea was to buy us a Fat Tire neon bar sign to use as a nightlight in the nursery! He of course got our approval first, and it was quite the hit at the shower. It doesn't actually say "Fat Tire Beer" on it, but it is their logo, and the best part is that it is primary colors, and matches the colors we are going with. We have yet to find it's permanent home, but I'll definitely keep you posted.

And as for the "most touching" gift, it would be four-fold... as we received 4 handmade blankets that are each so beautiful and unique. I know there are only 3 shown, but Ruth is still working on hers! Thanks Ruth!!  The one on the left is significant because Lorraine (who teaches with my mom), also made us a blanket as a wedding gift, and when she found out we were pregnant, she started this one. The detailing is just gorgeous, and forms "x's" to signify kisses, so sweet!

My mom had also made these cards of 'wishes for the baby'... and it was so wonderful to see how everyone filled these out. After the shower, my sister and I stood in the kitchen reading these, crying our eyes out. My mom walked in and we were both a ball of mess! 

Such a special afternoon with kids running all over the place, great food, and fun catching up with everyone! Too bad my niece Ellie was asleep for this photo, but so happy to have captured this one of my mom, sister, and Aunt Carol with me.

 Thanks everyone! Stay tuned for our 4th and final shower!


  1. You are so talented! Love all the pics. Can't wait to meet Baby Girl Sanders! Ya'll will be wonderful parents. - Love, Allison

  2. I can't take much credit, I just appreciate all you and Mom have done! Thank you for everything!