Sunday, November 4, 2012

39 weeks

Big news! We found out Friday that my blood pressure and protein are elevated again, and my doctor would like to go ahead and deliver sooner, rather than later! She is on-call this coming Friday, so is putting me on the schedule to be admitted to the hospital on Thursday night!

That means the countdown is on at 5 days! Of course, that's if nothing happens before then! I do have one more Non-Stress Test on Tuesday, but otherwise we are on for Friday!

I tell you this because I believe the "nesting" has kicked in this weekend. Once we started thinking of all the company we'll have coming into town and to our house, we started getting busy doing things around the house. The fridge has been stocked, the carpets and mattresses have been steam-cleaned, and we made a trip to Goodwill to donate bags of stuff! And that was just yesterday! Today, I planted the flower boxes out front, vacuumed the curtains, did laundry (yet again), and Brian has completely removed the guest bedroom door to sand/scrape it down and remove/repair the hardware in hopes of getting the door to close properly.

There are still things that need to get done this week, but for the most part, we got a good bit done!

Unfortunately, Brian decided to wait until I was in my pajamas to take my photo, but at least it's documentation of 39 weeks....

Mostly at this point, I'm feeling tired and swollen, and it shows! I'm very excited for the week ahead though!  Can't believe she's almost here!!

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  1. Very excited for you and Brian. You will both make great parents! With a nursery like the one you have created, you should have one happy baby. We're counting down the days with you.