Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Week 1

There were lots of family around the first week, 
and Onnie stayed the whole time.
Having my mom around meant the world,
and I was so sad to see her go.

She was there in the delivery room,
and by my side your first 8 days.
Didn't know how your dad and I would do it on our own!

I am emotional.
I try to take a salt bath once a day.
Only sponge baths for you though,
still waiting for your cord to fall off!

You had your first doctor's appointment 
and everything was great!

You are super strong,
and you seem to have the hiccups a LOT. 
You sneeze, you grunt.
And I freak out at every little thing. 

We sang Happy Birthday to you on your 1-week birthday.
We celebrate your awesomeness a lot! 

You are a great baby, 
and we are actually very lucky to be getting the rest that we are
(my sister reminds me of that daily :)

Thank you, sweet baby

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