Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Week 3

We had an amazing Thanksgiving dinner, courtesy of Onnie,
and we were all thankful for many things this year... health, happiness, and
especially you.

 Your cousin Ellie couldn't get enough of you.
She loves to hold you.


Your dad and I had our first outing to pick out a Christmas tree.
You stayed home with Onnie and Papa.
Thankfully, mom encouraged me to decorate with her help!

You love looking at the lights on the tree.

The night sweats seem to have stopped, 
which hopefully means my hormones are balancing out!
Maybe I'll be less emotional soon, as well!

Your dad went back to work this week.
Our first few days alone have gone well. 
Not sure what I was scared of...
except for the fact that every little thing you do 
scares me to death! 

A few other milestones for me this week...
I fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans!
And I squeezed my wedding band back onto my swollen finger,
may not have been the smartest move (since it won't ever come off again), 
but your dad noticed right when he walked in the door!

Otherwise, you sleep most of the day, 
taking up residence in your vibrating bouncy seat.
But when you are awake, you enjoy your play mat,
going for walks in your stroller, and especially eating!

We've managed to go out to several restaurants now,
and you sleep patiently in your car seat.

Today was our first outing in the car (just the two of us)
to meet your dad for lunch.

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