Friday, December 7, 2012

Week 4/Month 1

Happy 1-month birthday!

 We've definitely become more mobile over the past week! 
You've been to your daddy's office to meet all of his co-workers,
as well as my office to meet all of mine!

We've run lots of errands,
visiting CVS, Target, and even the bank
to get a cashier's check for your birth certificate!

 Your social security card came this week as well.

We also went out to lunch
and had dinner at a friend's house,
and you slept during every outing!
When you are on your changing table, 
you love staring at photos of your cousins. 
It truly calms you down, and you could stare forever!


One major development is that you have what we call
 a "meltdown" every night, right around 7pm.
You are truly inconsolable. 
And it breaks my heart that I can't make you happy.

Apparently your tear ducts are forming this week
because your eyes got very watery and crusty.

On Sunday, we went to brunch at Early Bird Cafe,
and then went to the Charleston Christmas Parade!

You had your one-month check-up, 
and you now weigh 9 pounds 4 ounces!
This puts you in the 50th percentile for weight.

You haven't taken a bottle... until now!
This is huge, since now your dad can feed you!

We had tried several different kinds, and it wasn't until I found the
Tommee Tippee "Closer to Nature"
that you actually drank from a bottle!

Your new stocking came today, so you are ready for Christmas!

And just to show how much you've grown....

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