Friday, January 11, 2013


Over the past few weeks, we have received some unique gifts for our sweet baby that have truly touched our hearts. I love getting packages in the mail (I think everyone does), and these past few have been very exciting!

The first was from my cousins Chip & Chris, who sent something I've never seen before...

It's a shadowbox with a little girl's dress made from a map of South Carolina!

Another cool feature (as if that weren't cool enough), the flower to the left has "Mattie" as well as her birthdate!

And totally coincidental... down there near Athens, at the bottom left of that main map, you can make out the end of "Monroe", which is where her daddy Brian is from!

Another awesome gift from my Aunt Millie, arrived this week. A puzzle of her name!

Her daddy had fun displaying it in the nursery...

 And just yesterday, a hand-painted gift from cousin Wallis arrived, framed and ready to be hung...

So that's exactly what we did, we hung it up on our 'gallery' above the changing table.

Some other pieces in the gallery include these free printables from The Handmade Home.

Of course, I had to create a few of my own since I had a duplicate letter in "a", and others like "i is for ice cream", "l is for love", and "d is for dress" were more specific to us than some of the letters used on that site."m is for music" is probably my favorite!

We also bought the bicycle hooks at Urban Outfitters. Originally I thought I'd use it for her towels, but those are mostly in the bathroom, so I've used it for things I need on hand at the changing table, like toys and washcloths...

And you've seen this before, but it made it to the wall. Our pregnancy announcement...

Here's the full effect again.

I love this wall. I know it is cluttered, but it's my favorite view from the glider when I'm rocking our sweet baby. It all just makes me smile! 

And see all those baskets. They've really worked out well for us, holding everything we need in a semi-organized fashion!

And here's Matilda's view from the changing table!

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