Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Week 10

Mommy has started using Instagram more!
I just love the effects that make your photos look so pretty...

Not that you aren't pretty enough on your own!

The weather has been beautiful, 
with temps in the low 70's this week,
so we were able to get out and stroll through the 'hood.

I'm trying to transition you to your crib,
so we've started with naps in your room during the day.
I've found that using the SwaddleMe blanket
keeps you sleeping for extended periods of time...

 It's amazing! 
No matter how tight I wrap you in blankets, 
you manage to wiggle out, 
but the velcro on this keeps you snug!

You probably wouldn't have any problem at all
sleeping in your own room,
but I can't stand to be that far away from you!

(supposed to be napping)
You had your 2-month vaccinations yesterdays!
I was so nervous, and prepped you with baby Tylenol.
I held your arms down, while the nurse held your legs,
you stared me straight in the eyes, as if to say...
"why are you letting this happen?"

It broke my heart.
You were fine for hours,
and we even went out to lunch with friends,
but by 2pm you were screaming bloody murder,
and you had about a degree of a temp.
I couldn't do anything to soothe you,
so I called the doctor,
which in the end did nothing for me.

We survived.
And by nightfall, you were an angel.

Today, we drove up to Granddaddy's to have lunch
with he and your great Grandmama,
and to spend the afternoon.

You were so precious,
smiling the whole visit.

As for new happenings...
you LOVE putting your fingers in your mouth.
I'm trying out teething rings, since you love chewing.
And you are getting stronger by the day,
kicking out your legs and holding up your head.

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  1. Poor girl! 2 month shots are the pits! Glad she made it through and was back to herself by nighttime! Miss you guys!