Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Week 9

This week we traveled to Spartanburg
to spend time with family.
You are reaching, grabbing, and clutching more and more,
and you enjoyed playing on Onnie's playmat, 
which is a little different from your own.

And speaking of other people's toys,
you also tried out your cousin Ellie's old swing!
You've never been in a swing before...

You had your 2 month checkup this week, 
and you are 11 lbs 10 oz (55%)
22 1/2 in (50%)
and your head measures 16 in (85%)
Your dad claims that's the Sander's head!
Surprisingly though, the doctor was impressed 
with how well you hold that head up!

Overall you are happy and healthy!
And you've started drooling a LOT!

You were supposed to get your shots this week, 
but the doctor's office was out of one,
so we'll go back next week for those!

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