Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Week 16

Saturday was spent inside most of the day,
it poured down rain all day.

We were supposed to go to the Charleston Battery soccer match on Saturday night, 
but with the rain, I just wasn't too keen on taking you out in the weather.
So we went with Plan B, which was dinner with the Wilsons at Rutledge Cab Co.

Ooh... what if there were 2 Matilda's?

Sunday started like this, 
just chilling...

But after being cooped up in the house all day Saturday, 
we were excited to get out into the sunshine on Sunday for a walk around the neighborhood, 
and even stopped to visit with Katie who we hadn't seen in forever 
and at 24 weeks pregnant, she's starting to show now!

As for the beginning of this work week,
your schedule seems to have been thrown off.
Your bedtime seems to have shifted from 7pm to 9pm,
with crying and not wanting to be put down.
Which means continuous walking/bouncing around the room house,
(threw that in for your dad ;)

On the flip-side though,
when you wake up for feedings during the night,
you are typically laughing rather than crying,
which makes those 5am feedings much more enjoyable!

I must say,
sharing these joys is somewhat bittersweet
because when I brag it seems to jinx the situation. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week 15

 Sorry for the late post this week, 
but work is proving to be busy, 
and then our internet was down at home.
 So here we are, 4 days later!

Week 15 took us to Spartanburg,
for an impromptu visit with the fam
for no particular reason, 
but to hang out!

We did get to meet a new cousin...
my step-sister Blair had
Baby Charlotte on February 1st, 
so we visited while we were in town.

It also snowed!
So cool to see the accumulation. 
And it was your 1st snowfall.
Of course you didn't get to enjoy it very long.

Cousin Ellie did though!
She and her dad, and Papa, and Brian built
snowmen and made snow angels 
and caught snowflakes on their tongues!


Some other happenings for the week include...
sleeping longer during the night, 
starting to roll over onto your side,
and trying to sit up on your own!

All pretty big milestones!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Week 14

By now, we are in a pretty good routine.
Our mornings begin with either me getting ready,
and then feeding & getting you ready,
or vice versa. 
Then making sure we have all the pieces and parts that I need for work, 
and packing your bottles in a cooler, 
grabbing the ice packs, pacifiers, and all other miscellaneous items.

Usually your daddy puts my coffee in the car, 
and carries our bags out to make it easier for me 
to just get YOU out the door!

I drive you to daycare and put your bottles in the fridge, 
your seat in the storage area, drape your blanket over your crib, 
and kiss you goodbye while handing you to Miss Rebecca, 
all the while telling you “I love you” as I rush out the door.

In the evenings, I leave work early in order to get to the daycare before they close. 
When I pick you up you are exhausted! 
Usually you smile when you see me, but sometimes you are just too tired. 
That’s ok.
I gather your bottles, blanket, car seat, 
and hopefully remember to grab your sheet that states when you ate/how much, 
when you went to the bathroom, and slept, etc. 

You fall asleep on the way home, and I unload the car. 
When you wake, I change your diaper and feed you. 

Around 7pm, I give you a bath, and shortly thereafter, 
you usually eat again (you are starving lately), 
and then you go to sleep! 
Sometimes you’ll wake one more time before we go to bed, 
and sometimes you sleep until your regular waking time of 2am. 
We change your diaper and feed you, and then do it all again around 5am.
 Back to sleep for a few more minutes, 
and you usually eat again before we leave the house.

Your exhaustion has helped in the bath department especially.
You used to scream and cry, 
and now you experience a bath the way it was meant to be experienced, 
in a relaxing and laid back manner. 
It’s much more enjoyable for both of us! 
This week, you’ve even started playing a little in the bath, kicking in the water! 
You also don’t mind when I pour water over your head… you smile.

After spending the day at home on Saturday,
we went to Caw Caw Interpretive Center on Sunday.
I had never been, but your dad had.
It was beautiful trails through swamps and rice fields.
You slept most of the time,
but it was such a gorgeous day!

 Uh oh though...
Monday morning brought trouble.
You seem to only want the bottle!
Screaming and pitching a fit.

After talking to my personal lactation consultant (aka my sister-in-law),
as well as friends and the nursery worker,
I believe we've diagnosed you as having gone on a
"nursing strike"

By Tuesday evening,
a little less than 36 hours after this trauma started,
you were back to the breast,

Seems you are still trying to figure out this whole daycare thing,
and it's affecting your eating habits at home & school.
We'll get through it.

Today, I had a surprise delivered to work...

Your daddy & I got engaged on this day... 4 years ago. 
To read about our engagement, click here.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

laissez les bons temps rouler

I realize this is an old photo... actually taken back in 2008 at Voodoo Lounge in West Ashley. It's always been one of my favorite photos (probably because you can't see my face, and Brian looks really HOT)! Anyway, I was emailing with a friend earlier in the week, who made reference to me that I was a celebrity in the Charleston City Paper this week. Not knowing what in the world she was referring to, I promptly picked up a copy when I went to lunch on Friday. As I was eating my Chick-fil-A nuggets, I nearly choked when I flipped it to this page...

So, I figure if it's cool enough for Voodoo to use to lure people in to the bar on Mardi Gras, then it's certainly cool enough for me to keep using as my "go-to-Mardi-Gras" photo.

I should also mention that those are our good friends Seth and Rebecca, who also have ties to New Orleans, as Rebecca is from Louisiana. And for those of you who don't know, I spent 7 or so years of my childhood just outside of New Orleans (in Mandeville), and Brian went to Tulane, so we all have ties to the Crescent City!

Happy Mardi Gras, y'all!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Month 3

Happy 3-month birthday!

At 3 month's old, you love to...
smile, laugh, and coo,
put your hands in your mouth,
stare and swat at your toys on your mat & bouncy seat.

I like to sing
You Are My Sunshine
to you.

You respond to Pat-A-Cake
and Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Food: Exclusively breastmilk
Sleep: In our room, in the Rock N' Play
Toys: Enjoying your playmat, swatting at birds and butterfly on your bouncy seat, Sophie the giraffe
Book of the Month: The Little Engine that Could by Watty Piper

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Week 13

By now, we've made it through 
half a week of daycare and work!
More on that later...

As for the beginning of week 13,
I spent my last few days, just loving on my girl!
We did have lunch at a new restaurant in the neighborhood,
Rutledge Cab Company
with Granddaddy & Great Grandmama.
It was quite delicious,
and you were a perfect angel!

That night we also went to my company's 
annual oyster roast at the Mount Pleasant pier.
It was great to catch up with clients, consultants,
and coworkers I hadn't seen in a while, 
and they were all excited to see you!

Saturday we had a major occurrence....
we hired a guy to come work on the master bathroom!!! 
He worked over 10 hours, and finished the wall tile,
the shower floor tile, and the bathroom floor tile.
We took a trip to Lowe's & Home Depot
to try to find bullnose tile for the bench and curb, 
but in the end had to special order it from Daltile,
so he wasn't able to come back on Sunday to finish.
But hopefully in the next week or so, 
he can finish tiling and grouting!

Sunday was pretty lazy,
and then we went to a Super Bowl party.
You were great there as well, 
but with the looming Monday morning routine approaching,
we headed out early to get ready for the big day!

I must admit, Monday was definitely harder on me than you.
I cried pretty much from the time I got up, til the time I went to bed.
When your daddy & I dropped you off, you were confused. 
I called during the day, and they said you weren't eating a whole lot,
which had me concerned, but they assured me you will be fine.

Meanwhile, my coworkers were awesome,
and comforted me with great conversation and food!
Geoff made a special apple cheesecake for me,
Seth brought in Dunkin Donuts,
and Michael brought "welcome back" balloons 
attached to a little dancing flower.
It all made the day a little happier.

And completely unrelated to me, 
a bbq lunch was provided for a meeting,
and my co-worker Andy had brought a King Cake 
in honor of the upcoming Mardi Gras celebration!
So I ate my way through the day!

I had high expectations that you would be elated to see me.
You were in such a daze when I picked you up,
 it was as if you didn't recognize me. 
That made me cry even more! 
I cried all the way home!

Our neighbor Lindsey made us dinner that night.
She brought over chili, cheese, sour cream, tortilla chips, 
and homemade cookies!

Day 2 and 3 of daycare/work went a little easier,
and I think we are already getting into a pretty good routine.
You don't even mind bath time anymore,
since you are so tired by the end of the day!

Check out what Mommy saw out her office window today...

Yep, that's a sailboat stuck under the drawbridge!