Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Week 13

By now, we've made it through 
half a week of daycare and work!
More on that later...

As for the beginning of week 13,
I spent my last few days, just loving on my girl!
We did have lunch at a new restaurant in the neighborhood,
Rutledge Cab Company
with Granddaddy & Great Grandmama.
It was quite delicious,
and you were a perfect angel!

That night we also went to my company's 
annual oyster roast at the Mount Pleasant pier.
It was great to catch up with clients, consultants,
and coworkers I hadn't seen in a while, 
and they were all excited to see you!

Saturday we had a major occurrence....
we hired a guy to come work on the master bathroom!!! 
He worked over 10 hours, and finished the wall tile,
the shower floor tile, and the bathroom floor tile.
We took a trip to Lowe's & Home Depot
to try to find bullnose tile for the bench and curb, 
but in the end had to special order it from Daltile,
so he wasn't able to come back on Sunday to finish.
But hopefully in the next week or so, 
he can finish tiling and grouting!

Sunday was pretty lazy,
and then we went to a Super Bowl party.
You were great there as well, 
but with the looming Monday morning routine approaching,
we headed out early to get ready for the big day!

I must admit, Monday was definitely harder on me than you.
I cried pretty much from the time I got up, til the time I went to bed.
When your daddy & I dropped you off, you were confused. 
I called during the day, and they said you weren't eating a whole lot,
which had me concerned, but they assured me you will be fine.

Meanwhile, my coworkers were awesome,
and comforted me with great conversation and food!
Geoff made a special apple cheesecake for me,
Seth brought in Dunkin Donuts,
and Michael brought "welcome back" balloons 
attached to a little dancing flower.
It all made the day a little happier.

And completely unrelated to me, 
a bbq lunch was provided for a meeting,
and my co-worker Andy had brought a King Cake 
in honor of the upcoming Mardi Gras celebration!
So I ate my way through the day!

I had high expectations that you would be elated to see me.
You were in such a daze when I picked you up,
 it was as if you didn't recognize me. 
That made me cry even more! 
I cried all the way home!

Our neighbor Lindsey made us dinner that night.
She brought over chili, cheese, sour cream, tortilla chips, 
and homemade cookies!

Day 2 and 3 of daycare/work went a little easier,
and I think we are already getting into a pretty good routine.
You don't even mind bath time anymore,
since you are so tired by the end of the day!

Check out what Mommy saw out her office window today...

Yep, that's a sailboat stuck under the drawbridge!

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