Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Week 14

By now, we are in a pretty good routine.
Our mornings begin with either me getting ready,
and then feeding & getting you ready,
or vice versa. 
Then making sure we have all the pieces and parts that I need for work, 
and packing your bottles in a cooler, 
grabbing the ice packs, pacifiers, and all other miscellaneous items.

Usually your daddy puts my coffee in the car, 
and carries our bags out to make it easier for me 
to just get YOU out the door!

I drive you to daycare and put your bottles in the fridge, 
your seat in the storage area, drape your blanket over your crib, 
and kiss you goodbye while handing you to Miss Rebecca, 
all the while telling you “I love you” as I rush out the door.

In the evenings, I leave work early in order to get to the daycare before they close. 
When I pick you up you are exhausted! 
Usually you smile when you see me, but sometimes you are just too tired. 
That’s ok.
I gather your bottles, blanket, car seat, 
and hopefully remember to grab your sheet that states when you ate/how much, 
when you went to the bathroom, and slept, etc. 

You fall asleep on the way home, and I unload the car. 
When you wake, I change your diaper and feed you. 

Around 7pm, I give you a bath, and shortly thereafter, 
you usually eat again (you are starving lately), 
and then you go to sleep! 
Sometimes you’ll wake one more time before we go to bed, 
and sometimes you sleep until your regular waking time of 2am. 
We change your diaper and feed you, and then do it all again around 5am.
 Back to sleep for a few more minutes, 
and you usually eat again before we leave the house.

Your exhaustion has helped in the bath department especially.
You used to scream and cry, 
and now you experience a bath the way it was meant to be experienced, 
in a relaxing and laid back manner. 
It’s much more enjoyable for both of us! 
This week, you’ve even started playing a little in the bath, kicking in the water! 
You also don’t mind when I pour water over your head… you smile.

After spending the day at home on Saturday,
we went to Caw Caw Interpretive Center on Sunday.
I had never been, but your dad had.
It was beautiful trails through swamps and rice fields.
You slept most of the time,
but it was such a gorgeous day!

 Uh oh though...
Monday morning brought trouble.
You seem to only want the bottle!
Screaming and pitching a fit.

After talking to my personal lactation consultant (aka my sister-in-law),
as well as friends and the nursery worker,
I believe we've diagnosed you as having gone on a
"nursing strike"

By Tuesday evening,
a little less than 36 hours after this trauma started,
you were back to the breast,

Seems you are still trying to figure out this whole daycare thing,
and it's affecting your eating habits at home & school.
We'll get through it.

Today, I had a surprise delivered to work...

Your daddy & I got engaged on this day... 4 years ago. 
To read about our engagement, click here.

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