Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week 15

 Sorry for the late post this week, 
but work is proving to be busy, 
and then our internet was down at home.
 So here we are, 4 days later!

Week 15 took us to Spartanburg,
for an impromptu visit with the fam
for no particular reason, 
but to hang out!

We did get to meet a new cousin...
my step-sister Blair had
Baby Charlotte on February 1st, 
so we visited while we were in town.

It also snowed!
So cool to see the accumulation. 
And it was your 1st snowfall.
Of course you didn't get to enjoy it very long.

Cousin Ellie did though!
She and her dad, and Papa, and Brian built
snowmen and made snow angels 
and caught snowflakes on their tongues!


Some other happenings for the week include...
sleeping longer during the night, 
starting to roll over onto your side,
and trying to sit up on your own!

All pretty big milestones!

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