Thursday, March 7, 2013

Month 4

Happy 4-month birthday!

At 4 month's old, you love to...
mimic what we say,
put everything in your mouth,
lean forward/try to sit up.
You enjoy bathtime (yay)!

You are such a happy baby,
just a delight!

I like to sing
to you.

Today is also your cousin Ellie's 4th birthday!
And tomorrow is your daddy's birthday!
A very happy birthday to Ellie & Brian (& Kathryn on Saturday)!
Can't wait to celebrate this weekend...

Food: Exclusively breastmilk
Sleep: in our room, in the Rock N' Play,
transitioned to the cradle your dad slept in as a baby
Toys: Enjoying your playmat,
swatting at birds and butterfly on your bouncy seat, owl loveys
Books:  Peter Rabbit book from Grandmama...
you love the textures, like bunny fur and scratchy beard

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