Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Week 17

Picked you up early on Friday,
you were sound asleep!

Friday night we went to yet another oyster roast...
(not your first)
the beauty of living in Charleston!

Saturday, you had your first babysitter!
Thanks to Elissa for taking care of you.
I was hoping you would sleep the whole time,
but I think you wanted to keep her company instead.

Your daddy and I went out on the town!
Starting at Proof (a not-so-new bar) that we hadn't been to
for drinks and appetizers.
Then on to the Charleston Music Hall
for Shovels & Rope!

Cary Ann Hearst & Michael Trent are a local duo,
who used to play a free show on the deck of
the Pour House every Monday night.
Now, they've gone off and made it big!
Played the David Letterman Show,
and went on Cayamo this year,
touring the country.

We bought this poster to commemorate the night!

Had to go to the doctor this week,
you have a pretty bad cold,
but they say it's normal for your age.

Milk supply is down,
meaning that I can't seem to keep up with your appetite.
To help the situation, I'm drinking more water, 
power pumping & pumping after feedings,
and trying to eat more peanut butter,
and drinking a malta a day.
Will keep you posted!

In other news, you are still trying to sit up on your own.
And you're talking more than ever!
Daddy thinks I'm crazy,
but I think you know your vowels already!

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