Friday, March 15, 2013

Week 18

I must say this has been your worst week
(hence the Friday-as-opposed-to-Wednesday post).
You saw 5 doctors at 4 different offices this week,
Two of which were emergency pediatric clinics. 

It all started with a cough, two weekends ago.
Monday morning I called the pediatrician about rescheduling
your 4-month well check, and just casually mentioned your cough.
They said to bring you in that morning, which I did, 
only to be told that it was "just a cold", and it should go away on it's own.

By Wednesday night, you started wheezing,
and Thursday morning I took you back to the doctor,
(after you wished your cousin Ellie a 'happy birthday')
only to be told again "it's a cold".
Even when I asked if they could test for RSV,
they said "we're not there yet, you are overreacting". 

Daycare was concerned, which had me even more concerned.
I mean they see sick babies all the time, 
and even they knew something was seriously wrong.

So Thursday night, we took you to the MUSC Children's Clinic in North Charleston.
They basically confirmed what the pediatrician had been telling us, 
but the fortunate thing was that they drained mucus from your nose through little catheters. 
You hated it! 

I kept you home from daycare on Friday 
because you just weren't feeling well, 
and I truly hated to take you again.
It was also your Daddy's birthday,
and we got him a hiking backpack!

We did have plans to go to Spartanburg for the weekend,
since it was Ellie's birthday, 
and we were responsible for decorating.
So, we packed you up and hit the road.

The party was great, 
and I'll get to that in a separate post!

By Saturday night, you had a fever of 101.8,
and you were throwing up some.
We put you in a bath, and gave you Tylenol to get the fever down, 
and then mom and I took you to another emergency pediatric clinic 
that Allison had taken Ellie to before.

It was quite an experience to say the least! 
BUT, they did test you for RSV,
and the test came back positive, 
which meant they sent us home with a nebulizer & albuterol,
as well as a separate prescription for an additional steroid.

Finally, we had some form of treatment to get you better! 
They suggested a follow-up appointment with our pediatrician early in the week.

By Monday morning, I had decided not to go back to our pediatrician.
I was so mad that they totally dismissed my concerns of RSV, 
when I had every right to be concerned!

There was a whole lot of this going on (during the day)...

Your dad asked a friend he works with where she takes her little ones, 
and she recommended a great pediatric group.
We were able to get an appointment that day!

Unfortunately, it was determined that you now had a double ear infection!
So she put you on an antibiotic 
(and took you off the steroid, which was causing even more problems). 

After a follow-up visit yesterday, 
you were starting to improve, 
and you've been back to daycare the past two days!

However, you seem to have spread your illness to your daddy!
He came home from work on Wednesday with a fever of 102. 
He stayed home Thursday as well, but was back to work this morning. 

Hopefully everyone is on the mend,
and after many sleepless nights (the photo above was taken at 4am one night),
we'll finally have a peaceful, relaxing weekend!

In other news, you have started sitting up on your own!
Jen let us borrow Jack's bumbo!
I LOVE this photo of you!
Clearly you don't feel well,
but you look like The Godfather!

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