Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Week 19

What a week!

So, remember when I learned about the "nursing strike"?
Now, I've been introduced to the "4-month sleep regression"!

It's Wonder Week 19!

If I'm understanding it correctly,
it's a developmental (with mental being the key word) growth spurt.
Basically, you are lying awake at night,
trying to wrap your head around all these new things you are learning,
thereby not getting any rest, and keeping us up as well!

This too shall pass.
The freaky thing is that this article says
the spurts happen at weeks 5, 8, 12, 19, 26, 37, 46, and 55.
I guess you are right on target!
She also says...

I think the reason the "4-month sleep regression" is such a big deal is that babies wake up a lot in the few weeks it takes while they're working on the 19-week spurt, and then once they've gone through that spurt they only have a week or two (if that) of respite before they start prepping for the 26-week spurt. So it's kind of one long stretch of bad sleep and cranky moods during that stage of your baby's life.

In other news, you moved from your Rock n' Play
to this cradle that was your dad's when he was a baby...

But only for a few nights, since we've been trying desperately to transition you to the crib.

The weekend started off well, with everyone feeling much better,
and Friday afternoon, I went to yet another oyster roast
hosted by a civil engineering/landscape architecture firm that I work with.
They are conveniently located next to the Tanger Outlet Mall,
so I also popped into Carter's and Old Navy to pick up some cute summer outfits for you!

Then it was home to clean, since we had family friends'
of your dad's stopping by to visit on Saturday morning.
Jane & Randy came by to visit and see the house,
and we all walked down to the Rutledge Cab Co. for a late lunch.
They were in town for a wedding, and wanted to meet you!

Later on Saturday,
we met up with the Rohaly's, Connell's, and Katie (sans Jeff),
for a little happy hour with the kiddos at Sesame.
It was great to meet little Adeline,
and to see how much Rio had grown!
Won't be long now until he has a little brother or sister in mid-April!

And once again, I can't keep up with your appetite,
only this time, my supply of milk in the freezer has diminished.
Not sure if it was your lack of eating while you were sick,
the fact that you are trying to make up for it now,
or this growth spurt you seem to be going through.
Most likely a combination of the three.

No matter the cause, the goal is the same...
to keep you happy and fed.
Therefore, we've started supplementing with formula.
I'm trying to limit it to one bottle per day at first,
since I'm not ready to relinquish the breastfeeding just yet.

You don't seem to mind this switcheroo,
and you've even started expanding your horizons
by accepting various types of bottles now!

I was a little freaked out that you focus so intently on my eating,
you look at me like you want a bite of whatever I'm having.
Well, I just read that if your baby does this, they are most likely ready for cereal.
AND, rice cereal apparently helps little ones sleep?!

Guess what, you had rice cereal this week!
In your bottle.
And yes, you did sleep... at least a little better.
It wasn't like a miracle sleep aid or anything,
but I do think you are more satisfied!

We've upped your ounces in your bottle for daycare as well,
from 4 ounces to 5, since you are so hungry!

Another new development with crib-sleeping,
is that I have found you on several occasions like this...

We never put a bumper on your crib
because apparently they pose a risk of suffocation!
But to avoid you breaking a limb,
we found the Breathable Baby Mesh Crib Liner.
According to the packaging, this product
"reduces the risk of suffocation and helps prevent entanglement and climbing"

The photo above not only shows the new bumper installed,
but also demonstrates your new talent/obsession of lifting your legs.
You are going to have killer abs, my friend. 

And in keeping with Wonder Week 19,
you love studying everything more closely now. 
You stroke my face as if you are learning every line of it. 
You talk a lot. And you love to be talked to.


  1. What a week! For Matilda and for you guys! You're such a good mama. :) I am SO excited to finally hold her this weekend! It about killed me to resist the last time you guys were down and I had that pesky cough. But I am 100% healthy and Lord willing stay that way through Saturday! ;) A friend of mine just went through the same thing with the 4-month sleep regression. She just posted something about starting sleep training and said her daughter slept from 8pm-9am!! Holy moly that sounds amazing. I'll see if I can figure out what book/article she read in case you want to read it too! Can't wait to see you guys Saturday!


  2. Thanks Heather! Can't wait to see y'all! And yes please, would love to know the article. We can use on the help we can get in the sleep department!