Friday, March 29, 2013

Week 20

We went to Georgia for the weekend 
to celebrate the belated birthdays of Brian & Kathryn,
and the early birthdays of Wallis and myself.

I unfortunately didn't get any photos of the actual celebration,
however my sister-in-law Heather documented it well over on her blog...
Notes from the Nelsens

Here's one family photo I stole!

It was great to see everyone, and to spend time with family.
We made it out to the farm to see the new sheep,
and visited at the furniture store and Amici's.

It's always fun to get Matilda around her cousins!

A big milestone happened while we were there, 
you tried rice cereal (with a spoon)
for the first time!

Here you are getting ready to take your seat...

First bite coming in...

Not sure if you like it...

 I'm such a big girl...

Uh, maybe not...

Let's keep trying...

I can't say you enjoyed it,
although you kept opening your mouth for more!
You probably spit out more than you took in.

I know that some of you could care less about my breastfeeding debacles, 
but this is truly a diary of sorts for me. 
At the end of this first year, I'd like to have a blog book made,
a keepsake of sorts for when Matilda is older 
and potentially has a child of her own, 
if she's so blessed. 

I also see it as a reference manual for me,
if I am lucky enough to have another child. 
I realize that every baby is different, 
but I think it will be helpful to compare certain milestones.

With all of that being said, you can skip this last part if the breastfeeding topic doesn't interest you!
I feel like these are the last few 'tricks' I haven't tried,
so I decided to get Fenugreek Seed Capsules & Mother's Milk Tea,
which I started Tuesday. 
2 capsules/3 times a day, 
along with 3 cups of tea
I would say that yes, my supply has increased,
but I ended up with a nasty stomach bug that night,
throwing up with fever and such.
Part of me fears that it's related!?
Surely not, but I may gradually ramp back up.

Definitely not related because here we are on Friday,
and the bug has Brian now. 

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  1. Oh no! Hate that you each caught a bug. I'm sure it wasn't related to the new "tricks" but it's so hard to go back to something when there's a bad connection in your mind! ...That first picture of Matilda in the bumbo is PRECIOUS!! I love her big smile! And the one of her staring straight into the camera like she's not impressed with the new meal you're trying to feed her. ;)

    Happy Easter to you guys! Hope we get to see you again soon!