Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Week 24

This week, we took you out and about to the
Charleston County Annual Earth Day Festival.
It was kind of cloudy and overcast,
and there were puddles and mud everywhere,
but the air felt cleaner because of the recent rain,
and we noticed it more because of the theme of the festival I guess!
We were overlooking the Cooper River,
there was bluegrass from The Bluestone Ramblers, 
and a reptile demonstration from the folks out at Kiawah,
we actually pet an alligator (!),
and then storytelling from Hawk Hurst 
(Brian was convinced that I'm related). 

 Afterwards, we took you to happy hour
at the Tattooed Moose.
Daddy dubbed it BYO(Baby).

And although you've been to church in both Monroe & Spartanburg,
we never had the guts to take you to our own church here in Charleston.
But now that you are old enough for nursery, 
we felt it was high time we got our butts back to church!
You did well, and it gave us to the courage to get back into it!

Sunday afternoon, we went to the driving range,
but it was so windy that it wasn't very enjoyable.
We did manage to get a bucket of balls in, 
but will have to try again when the weather cooperates!

The most exciting news of the week 
is that we are starting to plan your christening!
We had lunch with the minister yesterday,
for a little getting-to-know-you-better session,
since he is fairly new to our congregation. 

It got me to thinking about what I want for your life.
I came across this poem, that I think would be the ideal.
I have been panicking over how messy our house is, 
and this helps me to realize that this is probably why...

A Mother's Wish:
I hope my child looks back on today
And sees a mother who had time to play.
There will be years for cleaning and cooking,
But children grow up when you're not looking.
Tomorrow I'll do all the chores you can mention
But today, my baby needs time and attention.
So settle down cobwebs; dust go to sleep,
I'm cuddling my baby, and babies don't keep.

And to honor Earth Day once again, and in keeping with the spirit of religion and reflection,
our minister writes a blog, and his post today was in regards to Earth Day. 
I really liked this portion of Robert Aitken’s “Verses for Environmental Practice” that he posted...

Looking up at the sky

I vow with all beings
to remember this infinite ceiling
in every room of my life.

He invited us to write our own 4-line poem,
but I think I'll have to ponder this a while.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Baby Shower - Under Construc[tion]

This past weekend, I helped to throw a baby shower for my dear friend Katie. 
She is having a baby boy in June, and we are all excited for his arrival!

Five of us hosted the shower at a new restaurant in town called The Grocery.
Actually, one of the host's husbands designed it, so that was exciting!

Early on, we decided the theme would be
"Under Construction",
for many reasons...

1. Katie and her husband are both architects,
2. their house is soon to be renovated (adding a master suite) to make room for baby,
3. the baby is in fact, under construction,
and 4. little boys love trucks!

Our super-talented friend Mary Mac designed the invitations, 
and all the other printables for the party,
including signage, menu cards/game cards, cupcake toppers, & note cards, 
as well as five onesies with the 'logos' printed on them. 

The little blue trucks, orange hardhats, and yellow baby carriage construction signs 
were the cupcake toppers, for the delicious cupcakes that Sara made...

See that little crocheted hard hat? 
That also doubled as a gift for Katie's new baby,
and I found it on Etsy, here.

The menu was printed on the front of a sheet with a game printed on the back.
We passed around 5 brown paper bags, each one containing a hard-to-guess baby item, 
and you had to feel them and write down your best guess on the sheet.

The smaller white cards were the 'best wishes' for the parents-to-be, 
and they were sitting next to a plant that had the little orange sign in it...
"how to manage when things get dirty! (and other parenting advice)"

The yellow sign hung on a vintage toolbox that Amelia brought,
and she had made homemade chocolates in the shape of construction vehicles 
to display in the toolbox...
"thanks for digging in today! please haul your favor away!"

The onesies were hung on the gift table...

Lauren had made table runners out of blue burlap, 
and Amelia did little 'scenes' for the centerpieces 
using toy trucks that also double as gifts for baby.

It was a great afternoon for catching up with dear friends, 
and we were all excited to honor Katie! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Week 23

Mommy had a busy week!
I helped to host a baby shower for my dear friend Katie
(more to come on that in another post),
and I helped with a party for my Grandmama's 85th birthday...

Her name is Betty, so it was a Betty Boop themed party!
I made the centerpieces, 
and Ellie & your Granddaddy helped to 
blow up lots and lots of balloons!

Dare I say it aloud, 
but you are sleeping through the night!
It's been almost a full week,
so I feel pretty comfortable saying it!
You'll go 10 hours some nights without a peep!

This morning I woke up to sounds of you laughing in your crib,
over the baby monitor.
I just let you lay there, playing and having a grand ole time.
You just smile and smile when we come greet you for the morning.
We are so lucky!

Generally I'll let you play while I get ready, 
then it's your turn.

This morning you had your first fruit! Pears!
Not sure you liked it, since the texture is a little funny.

Spring is in full force here in Charleston!

I'm sure it may be a fluke,
but it's happened on more than one occasion in the past few days...
I waved to you in the mirror yesterday, and you waved back.
I was saying "wave, wave".
Well this morning when I took you to daycare,
Miss Rebecca held you as another baby & mom came in the room,
and she said "wave hello to ____"
and you actually waved!

Growing up!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Week 22

Hmm, with all the posts this week, 
there's really not much to report 
that you don't already know!

You are continuing right along.

The past couple of nights 
you slept through the night without eating!
You would stir a little,
but with simply putting your 
paci back into your mouth, 
you'd easily fall back to sleep.
I was SO excited, 
thinking that this was the start of a new phase.

Although I've had a cold, 
and can't breathe,
so I haven't been sleeping anyway.
Of course on the nights that I can't sleep,
you sleep perfectly!

And then the ball dropped.
Last night, you stopped sleeping.
I'm tired.

In other news,
the weather this week is AWESOME!
So you've been wearing short sleeves 
for the first time in your life!

I like to call this one Purple Haze...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Month 5

Happy 5-month birthday!


At 5 months old, you love sitting in your Bumbo or high chair,
you've tried your Johnny Jump Up and seemed to enjoy the bouncing
(you aren't as excited in your exersaucer),
chilling on the Boppy is another favorite pasttime,
and going for walks around the neighborhood is fun.

New tricks include:
grabbing your feet ALL the time,
laughing and yelling a LOT (you've found your voice),
and eating baby food.

You've filled out a little since last month!

Food: Breastmilk, a formula bottle (or two) per day, 
one meal in the morning... sweet potatoes, peas, or carrots.
We tried rice cereal, but I think it upset your stomach,
so we skipped over that and went to baby food!

Sleep: you've transitioned to your crib in your room.
Although we can't just lay you down and leave the room,
you seem to be somewhat easy to get to sleep (most of the time).
Feeding and bath time and rocking  help,
with a book or two thrown in for good measure.
Once asleep, we turn on the sound machine to the ocean waves,
and have a cool mist humidifier turned on.
You don't sleep through the night yet,
usually waking for at least one feeding,
and the occasional pacifier falling out of your mouth.

Clothing size: You've outgrown most of your 3-6 months clothes,
and are mostly wearing size 6 month.

Toys: Enjoying your playmat,
swatting at birds and butterfly on your bouncy seat, owl loveys,
your pal Violet & your barnyard friends (although you have a horse instead of a rooster!).
These two are from Onnie!

Book of the Month:  My Farm Friends by Wendell Minor
Around the Farm (thanks Onnie!)

This one's great because the buttons along the side
 correspond to the pages of the book,
and make sounds of the animals.

Seeing a theme here?

birthday weekend fun

For my birthday, your daddy got us an umbrella for the beach!

It was so sweet, when I got up on Friday morning, 
he had this set up in the living room, with the towel spread out
and 'Band of Oz' playing (since that's the band we saw at the beach last year).
Nothing like a 7am picnic of waffles in the living room,
while listening to beach music!
Too bad we had to go to work. :(

Looking forward to summer!

It was such a great weekend.
My mom and Gene came to visit, 
and we walked to Hampton Park for the Kids (Bridge) Run,
then went to Rutledge Cab for dinner.
Saturday, we all headed to Summerville for the Flowertown Festival.

Later we grilled out,
steaks, baked potatoes, and salad.

Mostly it was just good to hang out with them!

Mom and I had a chance to go shopping on Sunday
at the outlet mall, so fun!

Friday, April 5, 2013


I want to preface this by saying that I see this blog as a diary of sorts. A personal story. A place that I can write my thoughts and store them away. I have kept this post hidden for way too long. It is personal, and it's true. It's how I felt at a particular time, and continue to feel now. I feel my birthday is as good a time as any to share it, since it relates to beginnings, opening a new chapter, closing an old one. Here goes...

There was a challenge put out by The Lettered Cottage, a blog that I am truly inspired by. Layla had a link party in JANUARY OF LAST YEAR(!), where she was asking that everyone link up a post about what word will be your mantra for 2012. “This little word of mine…”

I know it seems odd, since here we are in 2013, more than a year later, and it's April no less, and I'm basically writing a new year's resolution post, but I had had a word in mind and had a post written back in January of 2012, but I didn't have the courage to share it. This was such a good process for me to decide what I wanted from the year. And in deciding on my word, I tossed around several words, but in the end zeroed in on, du, du, DU, dun….

Yes, FIND. There was a recurring theme that kept coming up when I wrote out what I wanted for the year.

I kept saying that I wanted to “find myself”. I had high hopes for 2012 (some of which like this one, still ring true for 2013). What is it that I want to do with this life of mine? I have no idea. Is architecture enough? Is it worth the struggle and stress? Quite possibly. Afterall, it is my passion, and it’s all I’ve ever known. But I still need to find my strengths, find my goals. It's a work in progress, no doubt. 

Also to “find time”. I always wish there was more time with family, more time with friends, more time for projects around the house, more time in the yard, more time exploring. More time for photography and blogging, and bowling! Yep, you guessed it, still searching for this one as well (actually even more so now)!

A big one for 2012 was to “find answers”. For almost 2 years (20 months to be exact), I struggled. And honestly I should say "we" struggled. And although it’s not a subject that I’ve broached on the blog (and I'm not completely sure that I want to share it now), we were trying to conceive. It was hard. Very hard. And after all the tests, blood work, procedures, tears, and consultations with friends, family, and professionals, there was still no clear answer as to why this was (or in our case, wasn’t) happening. And I needed to know why, so I could fix it! 

I feel like we tried it all. Routine visits to the acupuncturist, BBT chart tracking, which meant taking my temperature EVERY morning, endless supplies of 'test kits' and pregnancy tests, and most importantly disappointment. What worked? It wasn't until we had a plan in place. A plan to start IUI. Frankly it was somewhat of a last resort for us. Mainly because it was all we could afford. We had not however ruled out adoption, although that's not cheap either. But it was 'taking the pressure off', and 'letting go' that I attribute little Matilda to. Because you see, the month we were scheduled to start treatments, is the same month that we got that 'positive' pregnancy test. So "finding answers" isn't exactly what we did, but we did FIND what we were seeking. 

I know too, that FIND will always be there. It’s not going to resolve itself last year, this year, or any year in the near future, as I will always be searching for something, but it is nice to know that in years past, “find” has turned to “found”, as in most importantly I’ve found love, which is above and beyond the best thing I’ve found so far. I’ve found homes in cities that I’ve found made me happy, I’ve found peace in situations that were out of my control, I’ve found friendships that are true. There’s a lot of excitement and discovery in this word, and interestingly, according to…

FIND means…
  1. To come upon by chance.
  2. To locate, attain, or obtain by search or effort.
  3. To locate or recover (something lost or misplaced).
  4. To discover or perceive after consideration.
  5. To gain or regain the use of.
I love that the meanings somewhat contradict themselves, and in turn I want to accomplish each of those meanings. And who knows, in the end, maybe I’ll FIND that what I’ve been searching for all along is exactly what I have, and where I am, by both chance and effort, or not.

I like this little word FIND, I think I'll keep it around.

What word would you choose?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week 21

With our mid-week Easter post, 
there's really not much to report!

You are on a definite routine of 
having baby food for breakfast, 
which has been great!

Per the pediatrician's recommendation,
we started with one flavor for three days,
then this morning introduced you to peas!
You gobbled them down like a pro,
and even wanted more!

The past 2 nights, we've been using a sound machine,
hoping the lull of the ocean water will keep you asleep.
Seems to be working, as you are going for 
about 5 hour stretches between feedings.
I had been putting rice cereal in your evening bottle, 
but those same 2 nights, I actually just breastfed instead,
skipping the formula/cereal, and I can't help 
but think that's contributed to your slumber.
Whatever the combination, I think we'll stick with it!
(at least until you switch up the routine on us again)

In other news, your daddy has surprised me with a 
"week of gifts" for my upcoming birthday on Friday.
Yesterday he gave me the 

Zo-li Buzz B. Baby Nail Trimmer

It's basically an electric nail file, 
and it. is. awesome.
SO much easier than trying to cut your tiny nails!
I never knew that cutting your nails would cause such stress,
but after nicking you a few times,
and the constant scratches on your face, 
something had to be done,
and this seems to be the answer! 
It comes with different colored disks that represent different 
ages/stages of your nail development.
And most importantly, you seem to enjoy the manicures!

This morning I got some Pyrex dishes from my wishlist
along with a baby food cookbook to go with our Baby Bullet...

You have started holding your feet more,
and lifting them up to your head,
which is quite interesting and entertaining
(for both of us).

I've also read that this is about the time that separation anxiety starts,
and I actually noticed this morning that you followed me with your eyes
as I walked around the room and out of daycare this morning.
I actually thought you might not want me to leave!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Baby's 1st Easter

We are all getting over illnesses here, 
so we actually hunkered down for the weekend, 
and barely left the house (not even for church on Easter, oh my!). 

Easter Sunday was a nice relaxing day,
and you had sweet potatoes for the first time! 
Your first real baby food!
Daddy cooked a big breakfast for us as well.

There was some napping,
and some cuddling...

And then we did actually leave the house
for a walk around the neighborhood!

The Easter Bunny brought our family a fish-eye, 
wide angle lens for our camera.
Check out some of our cool photos!

Happy Easter everyone!