Thursday, April 18, 2013

Baby Shower - Under Construc[tion]

This past weekend, I helped to throw a baby shower for my dear friend Katie. 
She is having a baby boy in June, and we are all excited for his arrival!

Five of us hosted the shower at a new restaurant in town called The Grocery.
Actually, one of the host's husbands designed it, so that was exciting!

Early on, we decided the theme would be
"Under Construction",
for many reasons...

1. Katie and her husband are both architects,
2. their house is soon to be renovated (adding a master suite) to make room for baby,
3. the baby is in fact, under construction,
and 4. little boys love trucks!

Our super-talented friend Mary Mac designed the invitations, 
and all the other printables for the party,
including signage, menu cards/game cards, cupcake toppers, & note cards, 
as well as five onesies with the 'logos' printed on them. 

The little blue trucks, orange hardhats, and yellow baby carriage construction signs 
were the cupcake toppers, for the delicious cupcakes that Sara made...

See that little crocheted hard hat? 
That also doubled as a gift for Katie's new baby,
and I found it on Etsy, here.

The menu was printed on the front of a sheet with a game printed on the back.
We passed around 5 brown paper bags, each one containing a hard-to-guess baby item, 
and you had to feel them and write down your best guess on the sheet.

The smaller white cards were the 'best wishes' for the parents-to-be, 
and they were sitting next to a plant that had the little orange sign in it...
"how to manage when things get dirty! (and other parenting advice)"

The yellow sign hung on a vintage toolbox that Amelia brought,
and she had made homemade chocolates in the shape of construction vehicles 
to display in the toolbox...
"thanks for digging in today! please haul your favor away!"

The onesies were hung on the gift table...

Lauren had made table runners out of blue burlap, 
and Amelia did little 'scenes' for the centerpieces 
using toy trucks that also double as gifts for baby.

It was a great afternoon for catching up with dear friends, 
and we were all excited to honor Katie! 

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