Sunday, April 7, 2013

Month 5

Happy 5-month birthday!


At 5 months old, you love sitting in your Bumbo or high chair,
you've tried your Johnny Jump Up and seemed to enjoy the bouncing
(you aren't as excited in your exersaucer),
chilling on the Boppy is another favorite pasttime,
and going for walks around the neighborhood is fun.

New tricks include:
grabbing your feet ALL the time,
laughing and yelling a LOT (you've found your voice),
and eating baby food.

You've filled out a little since last month!

Food: Breastmilk, a formula bottle (or two) per day, 
one meal in the morning... sweet potatoes, peas, or carrots.
We tried rice cereal, but I think it upset your stomach,
so we skipped over that and went to baby food!

Sleep: you've transitioned to your crib in your room.
Although we can't just lay you down and leave the room,
you seem to be somewhat easy to get to sleep (most of the time).
Feeding and bath time and rocking  help,
with a book or two thrown in for good measure.
Once asleep, we turn on the sound machine to the ocean waves,
and have a cool mist humidifier turned on.
You don't sleep through the night yet,
usually waking for at least one feeding,
and the occasional pacifier falling out of your mouth.

Clothing size: You've outgrown most of your 3-6 months clothes,
and are mostly wearing size 6 month.

Toys: Enjoying your playmat,
swatting at birds and butterfly on your bouncy seat, owl loveys,
your pal Violet & your barnyard friends (although you have a horse instead of a rooster!).
These two are from Onnie!

Book of the Month:  My Farm Friends by Wendell Minor
Around the Farm (thanks Onnie!)

This one's great because the buttons along the side
 correspond to the pages of the book,
and make sounds of the animals.

Seeing a theme here?

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