Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week 21

With our mid-week Easter post, 
there's really not much to report!

You are on a definite routine of 
having baby food for breakfast, 
which has been great!

Per the pediatrician's recommendation,
we started with one flavor for three days,
then this morning introduced you to peas!
You gobbled them down like a pro,
and even wanted more!

The past 2 nights, we've been using a sound machine,
hoping the lull of the ocean water will keep you asleep.
Seems to be working, as you are going for 
about 5 hour stretches between feedings.
I had been putting rice cereal in your evening bottle, 
but those same 2 nights, I actually just breastfed instead,
skipping the formula/cereal, and I can't help 
but think that's contributed to your slumber.
Whatever the combination, I think we'll stick with it!
(at least until you switch up the routine on us again)

In other news, your daddy has surprised me with a 
"week of gifts" for my upcoming birthday on Friday.
Yesterday he gave me the 

Zo-li Buzz B. Baby Nail Trimmer

It's basically an electric nail file, 
and it. is. awesome.
SO much easier than trying to cut your tiny nails!
I never knew that cutting your nails would cause such stress,
but after nicking you a few times,
and the constant scratches on your face, 
something had to be done,
and this seems to be the answer! 
It comes with different colored disks that represent different 
ages/stages of your nail development.
And most importantly, you seem to enjoy the manicures!

This morning I got some Pyrex dishes from my wishlist
along with a baby food cookbook to go with our Baby Bullet...

You have started holding your feet more,
and lifting them up to your head,
which is quite interesting and entertaining
(for both of us).

I've also read that this is about the time that separation anxiety starts,
and I actually noticed this morning that you followed me with your eyes
as I walked around the room and out of daycare this morning.
I actually thought you might not want me to leave!

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