Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Week 22

Hmm, with all the posts this week, 
there's really not much to report 
that you don't already know!

You are continuing right along.

The past couple of nights 
you slept through the night without eating!
You would stir a little,
but with simply putting your 
paci back into your mouth, 
you'd easily fall back to sleep.
I was SO excited, 
thinking that this was the start of a new phase.

Although I've had a cold, 
and can't breathe,
so I haven't been sleeping anyway.
Of course on the nights that I can't sleep,
you sleep perfectly!

And then the ball dropped.
Last night, you stopped sleeping.
I'm tired.

In other news,
the weather this week is AWESOME!
So you've been wearing short sleeves 
for the first time in your life!

I like to call this one Purple Haze...

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