Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Week 23

Mommy had a busy week!
I helped to host a baby shower for my dear friend Katie
(more to come on that in another post),
and I helped with a party for my Grandmama's 85th birthday...

Her name is Betty, so it was a Betty Boop themed party!
I made the centerpieces, 
and Ellie & your Granddaddy helped to 
blow up lots and lots of balloons!

Dare I say it aloud, 
but you are sleeping through the night!
It's been almost a full week,
so I feel pretty comfortable saying it!
You'll go 10 hours some nights without a peep!

This morning I woke up to sounds of you laughing in your crib,
over the baby monitor.
I just let you lay there, playing and having a grand ole time.
You just smile and smile when we come greet you for the morning.
We are so lucky!

Generally I'll let you play while I get ready, 
then it's your turn.

This morning you had your first fruit! Pears!
Not sure you liked it, since the texture is a little funny.

Spring is in full force here in Charleston!

I'm sure it may be a fluke,
but it's happened on more than one occasion in the past few days...
I waved to you in the mirror yesterday, and you waved back.
I was saying "wave, wave".
Well this morning when I took you to daycare,
Miss Rebecca held you as another baby & mom came in the room,
and she said "wave hello to ____"
and you actually waved!

Growing up!

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