Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Month 6

Happy 6-month birthday!


At 6 months old, you are starting to enjoy your exersaucer more,
which is a big improvement over last month.
You actually play with the toys, and like sitting.
You've moved into an umbrella stroller
for our walks around the neighborhood.
Mainly because I hate keeping you strapped into your carseat,
and you love sitting up so much!

New tricks include:
the cutest little clap (that I'm going to have to get on video),
basically you slap the back of your hands,
one after the other.
You love sticking your tongue out
(see top photo).
And you are kind of sitting... 
although I don't quite trust you on your own yet.

Again, you've filled out a little more since the previous month!

Food: Breastmilk, a formula bottle (or two) per day, 
one meal in the morning... sweet potatoes, peas, or carrots.
We've added prunes to help with your bowels!
And you are also eating squash, green beans,
and your first fruit... pears!

Sleep: You were sleeping through the night (for about 3 weeks),
but now you are back to waking up at least once to eat,
usually around 5am :(

You have a new sound machine called the Dohm,
which is basically just white noise, sounds like a fan.
It works great!

Clothing size: You are wearing size 6 month,
but weighing in at 17 pounds, you could probably stand to go up a size!

Toys: You still love playing with the farm animals in the morning,
And you love pulling on your tiger toy
on the carseat on your way to and from daycare.
A set of plastic keys are perfect to distract you in the highchair,
and you love this thing...

Anything that will go in your mouth,
is pretty much your favorite thing right now.

Book of the Month:  Your favorites are still...
My Farm Friends and Around the Farm 
But we've also added Goodnight Moon to the rotation.

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