Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 25

Almost a week late, 
but better late than never, right?

The week was pretty quiet actually.
We did travel to Spartanburg 
for a surprise party for  Papa Gene,
which happened to be on 
Uncle Brad's birthday!
So there was some celebrating going on!

Most importantly, we got to hang out with Ellie!

Of course, traveling didn't seem to help with your sleep schedule.
It's the first time you've slept in your own room at Onnie's, 
and it didn't seem to work for you.
I think you were just overly tired from the trip, 
or who knows!
I don't even pretend to understand!

Seems that even though you were sleeping 
through the night for about three weeks, 
 you are now starting to wake up again 
to feed at least once a night.

On a brighter note, 
you had "picture day" 
at school!!!

Can't wait to get the photos back!

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