Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week 26

In this 26th week of your life,
Daddy and I were able to get out again to another concert.
Jeff & Katie were kind enough to babysit, 
while we went to the Daniel Island Tennis Center to see...
Dawes + Bob Dylan

We had such a good time!
While Bob had mirrors and low lights and all kinds of tricks for preventing photography, 
we did manage to snap this photo while Dawes was on stage.
You can see our proximity to the stage (about 10' from it), 
but of course the crowd was much more dense once Dylan took the stage!

As I mentioned in your 6 month post,
you've started this funny little clap this week,
which I LOVE!
As promised, I got it on video...

This week has been "teacher appreciation week" at daycare.
I've been so excited to take little treats each day to your teachers.

Today had a cut-out of your handprint tied to little bottles of hand sanitizer,
with a note that read "you deserve a hand".
Gotta love Pinterest!

Hard to believe that 6 months have gone by!

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