Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Week 27

Happy birthday, Onnie!

I'm approaching this post a little backwards, 
since today is my mom's birthday, 
which always falls right around Mother's Day,
as well as my sister's birthday, which was last week,
so Mother's Day weekend is a special celebration 
of the most important ladies in my life!

After wrapping up Teacher Appreciation week
with little gifts and puns each day, similar to this one...

We took a trip to Spartanburg. 

Friday night was all about Allison,
since her birthday was Thursday.
My stepsister, sister, and their families, 
came to my mom's for steak night,
and it was great fun to be with all of them.

The big event on Saturday was Ellie's dance recital! 
She did great! And fortunately only had one dance this year,
to "my tippy tap shoes". Precious! 
She had lots of support in the audience from the 3 of us,
her mom & dad, Granddaddy, Onnie & Papa, 
her Nana and her Aunt Tammy. 

My 1st Mother's Day was Sunday, 
and you and your daddy gave me a sweet card,
as well as the new book by my favorite author David Sedaris.
There was also a gift certificate for a 60-minute massage 
and 30-minute facial slipped in there!
Can't wait to use those!!
(Guess I need to get busy on Father's Day!)

Onnie had helped you make a card with your handprints for me, as well!

We went to church with the family, 
and then all of us went out to lunch at our favorite 
Upstate restaurant, Wade's!

Once we were back at Onnie's house, 
we went on a long walk
(one of several over the course of the weekend).

In other news, the past 48 hours has looked like this...

although with a lot more screaming, kicking, and arm-flailing.

You've been coughing since last week, 
and I took you to the doctor on Monday, 
only to find out that your respiratory issues have resurfaced. 
They prescribed that you do breathing treatments every 4 hours 
(even through the night), as well as a steroid for 5 days.

We stayed home sick yesterday.

We had a follow-up appointment today, 
and you are sounding better, but your oxygen levels are still low.
We have to continue with the treatments (although less frequently),
most likely through next week.

I just want you to get better, sweet girl!
I do love the bonding time though,
because as much as you HATE the mask of the breathing machine,
you love to cuddle up afterwards for the calm down.

Developmentally, you are doing great!
You LOVE to sit up on your own and play.
You grab for EVERYTHING.
You have a healthy appetite and love bath time.
You've started sitting up in the baby tub, 
splashing and playing with toys.

I love watching you discover new things and be so curious.
A blog that I just started reading called Design for Minikind,
made a good point in one of her posts...

"I think the reason God doesn’t let six month old babies speak yet is because there aren’t enough exclamation points allotted in the English dictionary to properly illustrate your excitement for the sheer amount of things you discover daily."

I think this is so true because I can tell that your mind is racing 
so much so that your mouth wouldn't be able to keep up!

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  1. Love that quote at the end of the post! Ellie looked precious at her recital! And Matilda has the best smile- can't wait til she can put words with all of the thoughts that are going on in that little head of hers! ;) Hope she is starting to feel a little better!