Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Week 28

This is another week of firsts for you...
although you've had apples and pears previously,
this was your first experience with peaches! 
And since you are half-South-Carolinian,
and half-Georgian, 
peaches are a must! 

Your daddy broke out the jogging stroller this week,
and you've been on a couple of runs.
I imagine you holding on to the sidebars of the stroller for dear life! 
And I'm not convinced that it was a coincidence that you're 
diaper blowout that we've been waiting for 
just so happened to occur after an evening run!

Apparently the ducks came up to greet you,
and your daddy was quacking for the occasion.
Wish I could have witnessed that!

Another big deal, is that being a coastal kid,
you finally made it out to the beach for the first time!


You didn't actually get in the water (too cold),
and you didn't even play in the sand (too messy),
but we did stroll along the shore, lathered in sunscreen.
Our annual family beach trip is in a few weeks,
so there will be plenty of that going on then!

Your school pictures arrived this week,
and considering that you smile ALL the time,
I'm not sure how they made you look so serious!

We won't spoil the surprise for family, so you'll have to wait to see them!
They aren't any better than some of the photos that we've taken of you,
but I had to buy a couple just to commemorate your 1st school photo shoot!

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