Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Week 33

This week starts Saturday because I frankly can't remember anything
that happened just before vacation!

Your first beach vacation with my family!
It's become an annual tradition to head up to Ocean Isle Beach for a week.

This year's crew included Onnie & Papa,
Allison, Brad, and Ellie,
and Blair, Charles, Abby, and Charlotte.

We had stayed in this particular house in year's past,
and it's one of our favorites!

That's our room on the top right! Private balcony, what?
Once we were settled, we ventured out to the beach for an evening stroll.

The next few days were spent on the beach...

Of course, like the rest of this summer,
there was rain occasionally.
We fit in a walk or two with the wagon.

 Unfortunately, mid-week you started to run a fever
and after a trip to the local clinic, it was determined you had a double-ear infection.
There were a few sleepless nights until we got your medicine right.

Poor baby.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Week 32

I decided to throw in an extra post this week,
devoted to Father's Day. 

There were just way too many pictures of the big day, 
so we're breaking up the week into 2 posts.

So even though you celebrated your daddy,
and my daddy, and your daddy's daddy, etc...
as well as your baptism this week,
we've saved those events for a whole other post!

While we were waiting for the first of the family
to arrive on Saturday, we took a little dip in your new baby pool!

It was so hot outside, and it felt like a good time 
to test out the pool and beach umbrella for our upcoming vacation!
You really enjoyed playing with your bath toys,
and splashing around in the cool water!

Once Onnie & Papa arrived, 
we took a walk over to meet the newest little boyfriend to arrive
in the neighborhood!

Carter Hayes was born in the early morning last Thursday,
to our dear friends Jeff & Katie,
and I couldn't wait to get my hands on him! 
He's the tiniest, cutest little thing!

And just to throw in a few more pictures of you dear girl, 
I thought these were so cute of you!

Your daddy wanted a guitar songbook 
of easy children's songs for Father's Day,
so he could play for you.
And you loved it!
You were waving your arms, clapping, and smiling.
So precious.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day celebra[tion]

Father's Day weekend was extra special this year
because we celebrated your daddy's first Father's Day,
Brian and I both had our daddy's in town,
and we celebrated your BAPTISM!

Ronni brought you a beautiful baptism gown from Georgia,
you looked gorgeous, little one!

And we had lots of guests in town for the weekend!
Ronni & Papa came, as well as Kathryn with all the Chapman & Lucas kids,
Onnie & Papa, and Allison, Brad, and Ellie,
and Grandaddy and Great Grandmama!

The ceremony was held during the church service at
Circular Congregational Church,
where your daddy and I were married.

You were a little fussy beforehand,
but did very well!
You even smiled at Jeremy when he touched your head with the water.
Right on cue!

You went to the nursery for the rest of the service,
but afterwards we were able to get a beautiful family photo
to commemorate the occasion!

And one with Jeremy Rutledge who officiated the service.

We then walked over to Poogan's Porch
for a wonderful lunch to celebrate you and all the father's!

After lunch we had everyone back to our house for dessert,
and a dip in the baby pool!

You were showered with several gifts,
including a sweet Bible and pearl bracelet with cross.

For Father's Day, you had made these precious footprints at daycare.
And we got daddy a personalized card, and a guitar music book of children's songs.

All in all, it was the perfect day, surrounded by love!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Week 31

Two big milestones this week! 

First of all, since you've been reaching for our drinks a lot,
I researched "first sippy cups", 
and found one from Zoli that seems to fit the bill.
It's a got a super soft, flexible straw that has a weight on the end, 
so no matter how you hold the cup, the weight is in the water.
Also, it involves sucking, rather than tipping up the cup, 
which makes it slightly easier for you to drink.

We are limiting you to 2 to 4 ounces of water per day,
per the pediatrician's recommendation.

We have bought other products from Zoli,
and they are sleek, simple products that work!

Since you are teething now, 
you love their 'gummy sticks'...

We also have the Zoli Buzz-B electric nail file,
which helps to tame those unruly fingernails of yours.

You had a busy weekend!
On Friday, you turned 7 months old!

We went to your friend Adeline's 1st birthday party!

We also went to the Piccolo Spoleto finale in Hampton Park,
and you got to hang out with your friends Elizabeth, George, Leland, and Brinkley!

Sunday had us a little worried again
with that silly cough of yours that won't go away,
as well as a questionable bug bite.

So it was off to the doctor again...
I swear we should have a 'standing appointment' on Monday mornings.
You are fine. Your lungs are clear, your ears are good, '
and the bug bite was apparently normal.

Peace of mind.

Tuesday night we had visitors at the house!
Cousins Charlotte and Cassie and Mallory came to stay the night,
since they were touring the College of Charleston 
on their whirlwind tour of schools.
It was so great to catch up!

Charlotte had asked if you were sleeping 
on your stomach yet, to which I replied 'no!'...
which leads me to the next milestone.
At 5:30am I glanced at the baby monitor,
only to see that you were in fact sleeping on your tummy!
I ran in there to check on you, and you were sleeping soundly.
I proceeded to go back to bed 
and stare at the monitor for the next half hour.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Month 7

Happy 7-month birthday!

At 7 months old, you love to sit up on your own.
Whether you are sitting on the floor, in the middle of the bed, or playing in your crib,
you want to be sitting rather than laying or being reclined.
Therefore we tend to use your exersaucer more than the bouncy seat these days,
as well as the bumbo or highchair, although you associate those with certain tasks.
We still take nightly walks around the neighborhood in the umbrella stroller,
and we keep your big stroller in the car,
in case you fall asleep in the carseat when we're out,
we can just pop it into the stroller.

New tricks include:
rolling over (which I've only witnessed once)
and definitely sitting on your own!

Food: Breastmilk, a formula bottle (or two) per day, 
one meal at daycare... typically a vegetable,
and then one meal in the evenings, usually fruit.
The newest food that you've tried is peaches,
as well as some Stage 2 baby food combinations,
so more mixed veggies, and mixed fruits.
You've tried the yogurt melts, but you were not impressed!
Of course, your daddy tried one too,
and you both shared the same puckered-face reaction.

Sleep: You have finally started sleeping through the night again!
The tricky part is getting you to GO to sleep! You fight it hard.
Once you are asleep, you are good to go though.
Occasionally your pacifier will fall out, but one of us will stick it back in,
and you are off to sleep again pretty easily.

Clothing size: You are wearing size 6-9 month or straight up 9-month clothes,
I occasionally squeeze you into cute size 6-month outfits
that you never got around to wearing because it was too cold.
I have to get you in them at least once!

Toys: The farm animals are a must in the morning,
And we carry the set of plastic keys pretty much everywhere we go.
I must say that Sophie the Giraffe is probably your favorite "chew toy" these days.
She's easy to hold, and her ears and horns
 (aka ossicones - learn something new everyday!)
must comfort your gums.
And without Your Pal Violet, you'd be lost!

Bath toys have made their way into the mix as well!
The Eric Carle toys, as well as the "it's a small world" boat
that your cousins brought you back from Disney World
have been a huge hit!
And there's nothing like chewing on a wet washcloth!

Thanks Jennifer!

Book of the Month:  Your latest book club book is Pouch!
by David Ezra Stein

I love this book too!
Such a sweet story of growing up and exploring the world,
and finding a friend. So sweet.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Week 30

Dear little one,
here we are at 30 weeks!

And your little quirks and constant desires keep me on my toes.
I love, love, love you... in case I haven't mentioned that before.

When you are nursing, 
you've started to pull your hair in one spot.
Kind of like twirling it, but more of a tug 

You also grunt.
A lot.
And squeal!

Saturday night, we went to our friends Brooke & Brett's house,
and you wore a gold chain, and played in the yard,
and took a ride on their swing, which you LOVED!


You played with Elizabeth, and George, and Brinkley.
Fun was had by all (including your parents)!

Sunday, after your morning nap,
I heard you over the monitor,
so I glanced down to see that you were in a new position,
calling for Brian to 'hurry, come see',
we both ran from opposite rooms
meeting in the hallway outside your nursery,
only to find you laying on your stomach!!
You FINALLY rolled all the way over!!
There was clapping and celebrating,
and I'm sure you were completely confused (and amused).

You are pretty good about keeping yourself entertained,
whether it be on a blanket on the floor while I'm doing dishes,
or sitting in your exersaucer while we eat,
you seem content!

Thank you, sweet girl!

Well, you rounded out your 30th week with a trip to the doctor!
Daycare has had a scare with chicken pox, and you had some questionable bumps,
so they sent you home and I immediately made an appointment with the peditrician.
Turns out for now that you just have a bad case of bug bites!
That's a relief!

You loved the paper on the examining table,
and you are weighing in at 18 lbs 4 oz.