Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Week 30

Dear little one,
here we are at 30 weeks!

And your little quirks and constant desires keep me on my toes.
I love, love, love you... in case I haven't mentioned that before.

When you are nursing, 
you've started to pull your hair in one spot.
Kind of like twirling it, but more of a tug 

You also grunt.
A lot.
And squeal!

Saturday night, we went to our friends Brooke & Brett's house,
and you wore a gold chain, and played in the yard,
and took a ride on their swing, which you LOVED!


You played with Elizabeth, and George, and Brinkley.
Fun was had by all (including your parents)!

Sunday, after your morning nap,
I heard you over the monitor,
so I glanced down to see that you were in a new position,
calling for Brian to 'hurry, come see',
we both ran from opposite rooms
meeting in the hallway outside your nursery,
only to find you laying on your stomach!!
You FINALLY rolled all the way over!!
There was clapping and celebrating,
and I'm sure you were completely confused (and amused).

You are pretty good about keeping yourself entertained,
whether it be on a blanket on the floor while I'm doing dishes,
or sitting in your exersaucer while we eat,
you seem content!

Thank you, sweet girl!

Well, you rounded out your 30th week with a trip to the doctor!
Daycare has had a scare with chicken pox, and you had some questionable bumps,
so they sent you home and I immediately made an appointment with the peditrician.
Turns out for now that you just have a bad case of bug bites!
That's a relief!

You loved the paper on the examining table,
and you are weighing in at 18 lbs 4 oz.

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