Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Week 31

Two big milestones this week! 

First of all, since you've been reaching for our drinks a lot,
I researched "first sippy cups", 
and found one from Zoli that seems to fit the bill.
It's a got a super soft, flexible straw that has a weight on the end, 
so no matter how you hold the cup, the weight is in the water.
Also, it involves sucking, rather than tipping up the cup, 
which makes it slightly easier for you to drink.

We are limiting you to 2 to 4 ounces of water per day,
per the pediatrician's recommendation.

We have bought other products from Zoli,
and they are sleek, simple products that work!

Since you are teething now, 
you love their 'gummy sticks'...

We also have the Zoli Buzz-B electric nail file,
which helps to tame those unruly fingernails of yours.

You had a busy weekend!
On Friday, you turned 7 months old!

We went to your friend Adeline's 1st birthday party!

We also went to the Piccolo Spoleto finale in Hampton Park,
and you got to hang out with your friends Elizabeth, George, Leland, and Brinkley!

Sunday had us a little worried again
with that silly cough of yours that won't go away,
as well as a questionable bug bite.

So it was off to the doctor again...
I swear we should have a 'standing appointment' on Monday mornings.
You are fine. Your lungs are clear, your ears are good, '
and the bug bite was apparently normal.

Peace of mind.

Tuesday night we had visitors at the house!
Cousins Charlotte and Cassie and Mallory came to stay the night,
since they were touring the College of Charleston 
on their whirlwind tour of schools.
It was so great to catch up!

Charlotte had asked if you were sleeping 
on your stomach yet, to which I replied 'no!'...
which leads me to the next milestone.
At 5:30am I glanced at the baby monitor,
only to see that you were in fact sleeping on your tummy!
I ran in there to check on you, and you were sleeping soundly.
I proceeded to go back to bed 
and stare at the monitor for the next half hour.

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