Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Week 32

I decided to throw in an extra post this week,
devoted to Father's Day. 

There were just way too many pictures of the big day, 
so we're breaking up the week into 2 posts.

So even though you celebrated your daddy,
and my daddy, and your daddy's daddy, etc...
as well as your baptism this week,
we've saved those events for a whole other post!

While we were waiting for the first of the family
to arrive on Saturday, we took a little dip in your new baby pool!

It was so hot outside, and it felt like a good time 
to test out the pool and beach umbrella for our upcoming vacation!
You really enjoyed playing with your bath toys,
and splashing around in the cool water!

Once Onnie & Papa arrived, 
we took a walk over to meet the newest little boyfriend to arrive
in the neighborhood!

Carter Hayes was born in the early morning last Thursday,
to our dear friends Jeff & Katie,
and I couldn't wait to get my hands on him! 
He's the tiniest, cutest little thing!

And just to throw in a few more pictures of you dear girl, 
I thought these were so cute of you!

Your daddy wanted a guitar songbook 
of easy children's songs for Father's Day,
so he could play for you.
And you loved it!
You were waving your arms, clapping, and smiling.
So precious.

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