Monday, July 1, 2013


If you read a lot of blogs, then you already know that Google Reader is done (because every blogger out there is writing about it). Rest In Peace, dear friend...

That's right, gone for good. The good news is that there are lots of other similar sites out there, to keep all your feeds in one place. I know everyone is pushing what they think is the best replacement, so why not join in, and push the site that I like too? Personally, I've started using bloglovin', and I'm lovin' it.

Mostly I love that it takes me to the actual sites of the blogs, in one simple click. You can see on the image below, the nifty toolbar at the top, where you just click 'older' and it takes you to the next blog post in your feed.

The cool thing is that blogs also get pageviews through bloglovin', which they did not through Reader. Also, the initial page that brings up your feeds (see image below), gives you an image and synopsis of each blog post, and you can easily click 'mark as read' under each post, if you have no desire to read it. There is also the option of "Mark all as read", which if I'm overwhelmed after a week of vacation of all the blog posts I've missed, I may choose this option! And there's also a list to the right, which shows how many posts of each blog you haven't read, and so on. I know this is confusing, but trust me, it's SO much better than I'm giving it credit for!

I switched over about a month ago, in anticipation of July, and I only wish I had switched over sooner! If you would like to switch from Google Reader to bloglovin'... here's how. I've also installed it on my phone, and it works great!

I wanted to give a little credit to the images above... if you aren't a fan of Young House Love, then you should be! It's a husband and wife that are full-time DIY bloggers, and they happen to write my favorite blog.

And the tombstone image above is from the Google Graveyard. So if you'd like to place a flower on the grave of Google Reader (or any other Google product that's gone by the way side), click here.

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