Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Week 34

So by the second half of our beach trip,
you had a new prescription... Augmentin.
At first I thought you were having a bad reaction to the Amoxicillan,
but as it turns out, it just wasn't working.
So this other medicine is just a double-dose, and it knocked it out!

Once you were feeling better, we were able to get back out to the beach!

We also enjoyed the concert series that's held every Friday night.
We go every year, and it's always a good time!
Dancing, dancing, and more dancing.

Of course Saturday morning is always sad, packing up.
But we always round out the trip with breakfast at Big Nell's.
It's our farewell meal before hitting the road.

I must say that after our first vacation with a (sick) baby,
it was almost a relief to be home again.
Although, I'm always in a funk for a few days after leaving my family.

We were able to take you to the pediatrician on Sunday morning,
just as a follow-up to check your ears.
Everything seemed to be healing just fine!
Matilda Ray with the Manta Ray...

Love that our pediatrician's office is open on the weekends!

Unfortunately on Monday, it was back to work/daycare...
all the teachers said how much they missed you!

In other news, it seems that all that reading to you before bedtime has finally paid off.
You are able to decipher what you'd like for dinner now when going out to eat...


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