Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Week 35

Your first 4th of July was spent at 
our Canadian friend's house eating paella!
Strange, but true.

You were of course, dressed for the occasion...

In other exciting news, we bought a (new-to-us) car!
The Explorer Sport that I bought back in 2003 finally bit the dust.
Actually it blew a head gasket.
After much searching, we decided to get another SUV for the family!
After test-driving several cars, we settled on the Honda Pilot!

We also sold the Explorer.
The buyer is a 16-year-old who was buying his first car.
He's going to spend the summer working on the engine.
It was so cute, his mom came with him and brought the video camera.
Her oldest child (of five), and a proud moment for her!

I am already freaking out about you driving away 
in a car by yourself for the first time!

Milestone of the week: 
You love playing peek-a-boo!
When you get out of the tub, 
and you are laying there while I dry you off, 
you'll pull the towel over your face.
And I'll say "Where's Matilda? Where's the baby?"
And then you pull the towel down to reveal your face.
It is SO cute.

Favorite photo of the week...

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