Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Week 38

Well, dear girl,
you have been out of the womb 
for as long as you were in it!

And to celebrate, we've gotten a case of thrush! Yuck!
The pediatrician thinks it's from an antibiotic
you were on a couple of weeks ago.

It really hasn't been so bad,
except for rearranging our schedules,
since you couldn't go to daycare for 24 hours.

The fortunate part is that you LOVE the medicine.
Strange, but true!

 You've started a couple of new tricks,
you are rolling a ball back and forth with me,
as well as your toy car!

AND, you are SO close to crawling!
Won't be long now!

We traded our typical evening walk around the neighborhood for a walk along the battery,
we felt like tourists in our own town, and even ran into the Mayor!

On another evening walk (in our neighborhood this time),
we tried out the swings at Corinne Jones Park!

In other news,
look how much you've grown!

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