Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Week 40

Lately you have been playing with everything but your toys, 
including the nosefrida (pictured below), hairdryer, wheels on a suitcase...

You are also very curious about how things work,
flipping something over to see how it's put together.

You had your ultrasound at MUSC this week. 
You were so precious, laid back on the table.
The radiology tech said that you looked like you came for a massage.
Calm, cool, and collected, with your belly poked out.
The only down side was the ultra long wait,
but the cool thing was that mommy's firm had designed 
the Pediatric Radiology Department,
so that was fun to see!

Turns out that your kidneys and bladder looked normal,
what a relief!

We also made a trip up to Spartanburg for the weekend,
and a few highlights included
swimming on Saturday, 
where you had it made in the shade!

And then a shower for Aunt Allison on Sunday...

Here's a little snuggle time with Rudy!

I will say that this has been a pretty stressful week.
You are learning things left and right, 
and your mind is racing continuously.
The only thing that I can equate it to is 
the MC Escher painting Relativity

It's as if your mind and body are in a continuous loop,
mostly due to the fact that you can now go from laying down 
to a sitting position on your own.
You even do this in your sleep, which results in waking yourself up! 

Daddy lowered your crib mattress, 
since you are also starting to pull up.

Lots of sleepless nights,
and you decided to go on a bottle strike for about 24 hours.
Yep, you wouldn't take a bottle.

But we survived!

And you're off!

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