Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Week 41

Sweet Matilda, 
there are so many things that I want to tell you...
but then I forget to write it down, 
and I vow to put it in the next post, 
and as I drive you home from daycare in the evenings, 
or while I'm taking a shower, 
or doing mundane tasks in AutoCAD,
I think of how exactly I can write it all down, such that I will get my point across,
in exactly the way that I want to get my point across.


However, I have a confession.
I'm not a writer. I long to be.
There are beautiful words waiting patiently to flow from my mind,
but when I write. Nothing. Nada.
I want desperately to express just how much I love you.
Just how much I love your daddy, and our family we've made.
And then I realize, it's not about how I express it so that others will understand,
it's about the conversations between you and I. 
The babbles, the cackles, the finger-pointing at Rudy,
the shaking of the ball that rattles while you dance, and squeal, and dance some more. 
It's you discovering that you can explore now, 
and wanting to share your explorations and discoveries with us.

I see it sweet girl. 
I look at that mascara and tube of lipstick completely differently now. 
Those cups you play with are the coolest things ever 
because not only do they stack, 
but they hold things, and they make noise, 
and they are easy to hold while you crawl to your next party spot!

So aside from wanting to scream to the world that I have the coolest kid on the planet,
I also see that you, like me, like everyone are just trying to figure it all out. 
You're not trying to be the coolest, or the smartest, or the prettiest. 
You are just trying to be. And I love that about you.

So rock on, my love. 
Continue to be.

Alright, I've said enough.
I just needed to get that out. 
Now look at these sweet photos from our weekend.

You "hanging" out with friends Elizabeth (and George in the background)...

Walking the Ravenel Bridge on Sunday afternoon...


And you doing what you've done best the past few weeks,
getting into everything...

Continue on and explore.
And I'll keep following closely behind, 
making sure you don't pinch those fingers,
or stick that giant dust bunny in your mouth.

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