Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Week 42

you were showing off your new moves.

you were happy before daycare.

And then, surprise! We took a road trip to Monroe!
It was so great to see everyone, 
seems like it's been so long since we were last there.

Friday night we actually arrived before dark!
I think this was a first for even me!!
We went out for Mexican food with Ronni & Papa
 at a new restaurant nearby, and it was delicious!

Saturday we hung out around the house, 
and the furniture store, and the main event was 
a big family dinner on Saturday night
(where you sported pajamas all evening)!

You showed everyone some new tricks...

You even got in on the baton twirling before dinner... 
you were so proud!

You were also passed around a lot!

Dinner was so delicious, that I didn't get any photos, 
but you should check out Heather's blog, for a full rundown!

Sunday morning, we relaxed with the Baker's...

Sunday we had a yummy lunch at the Lucas', 
and more family time before hitting the road to home.

Monday, it was back to work/school
and then the highlight which is getting home for dinner and a walk!

And here we are... Wednesday!
I haven't seen you since I dropped you off at daycare,
and you were already in bed by the time I made it home from working late.
Thanks Daddy, for taking care of our sweet girl, all alone. :(

I missed last week, but I'll get it up eventually.
For now though, I'll go ahead and post this one on time!
UPDATE: Just posted last week's post!

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