Saturday, September 7, 2013

Month 10

Happy 10-month birthday!

At 10 months old, you love crawling and trying to pull up on everything. 
You don't sit still for very long!
Life is a little different now,
mostly keeping things out of your mouth,
and making sure you don't get into things you shouldn't!

Our evening routine has pretty much stayed the same,
with dinner, a walk, and bath, bottle, bed.

Food:  Same as last month, but with a snack here and there... mum mums.
You have a bottle first thing in the morning,
and you still get 3 bottles (5 oz ea) at daycare...
as well as food for breakfast and lunch!
Dinner in the evenings, usually meat and some sort of veggies,
and another bottle before bed.
I must admit, that since you only have one tooth
(you got your first tooth this past month!),
I am very timid about feeding you real food.
I know that I should be more adventurous, but I'm scared!

Sleep: You are sleeping through the night... typically from 8:30pm to 6:30am.
I hope this stays this way for a LONG time!

Clothing size: You are still wearing 9-month clothes,
6-12 month clothes (Old Navy), and 12-month.

Toys: Your stacking bowls are definitely your favorite.
Anything that rattles when you shake it, so you can dance and groove.
As well as anything that you can chew on to soothe your gums.
You dig your musical walker that we got around Father's Day the most though.

You aren't really walking with it yet, 
you do stand behind it, but mostly trying to see how it's put together.
The phone handset is the best part... "thanks for calling"
And the shapes up top light up,
the cow plays peek-a-boo,
and the piano plays songs, which you love to dance to.
And although it may get old to your dad and I,
you never tire of it, sweet girl.

New tricks include:
Pulling up!
Funny faces, due to teeth coming in!

Book of the Month:  Your book club book is Nobunny's Perfect
and although it's not necessarily one of my favorites, we are giving it a go... 
because I'm sure there are lessons you could learn in there!

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