Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Week 45

Most weeks when I'm preparing these weekly blog posts,
I keep a running list of all the things that happen, as they happen.
Such was the case with this week.
Can I just say that it seems like SO long ago 
that some of these things occurred!

Like the fact that even though we've had the Plum food pouches 
in our cabinet for what seems like an eternity,
I never actually fed you one, until this past week.
What the heck was I waiting for?!
What an awesome concept... 
simply squeeze food into your child's mouth.
No fuss no muss, and also easy for 'on the go',
not to mention crazy, fun flavors!

Big news is that you've moved into the Infant 2 room at daycare.
You still see Miss Rebecca in the mornings (thankfully),
but the majority of your day is spent in the next room over.
Growing up, I tell ya!

We made a visit to the Upstate to check in on your new baby cousin.
And while we were there, you had Cheerios for the first time!
I decided to wait til other people were around in case there was a choking episode. 
This is yet another thing that should have happened a while ago,
but I was too chicken to try it out! By the way, you really love Cheerios.
Sorry to have deprived you have this wonderful baby delicacy!

There were lots of visitors for Baby Emory,
including Nana Gail, who came bearing gifts from Hawaii...

We all hung out at Onnie's classroom for a while,
while daddy and I helped put up her bulletin board
(since she's been feeling under the weather lately).

 Other exciting happenings...
-you are ticklish now, and you just laugh and laugh!
-you have another tooth coming in, right next to the first one
-you love taking steps when held in a walking position
-daddy taught you how to climb stairs at Onnie's house

There's also lots of banging 
(and hitting although you don't realize it hurts)
mainly with me and the cat.
You're a destructive little one,
knocking down stacked cups as fast as I can stack them.
Beating on the front door,
while you stand and stare out to the world passing by.

With standing and exploring, comes falling.
You've got the bruises to prove it. 
No matter how closely you are watched,
be it at daycare or at home, 
you still manage to hurt yourself,
but you get back up and go again. 

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