Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week 46

You had your first trip to
the Pour House deck for Dead Wednesday (as in Grateful Dead),
we met up with friends Jen & Mansel and their daughter Lily. 
Which was actually quite fitting, since  later that evening,
the band that we used to go see ALL the time on the deck, Shovels & Rope,
won the Americana Music Award for Song of the Year and Best New Duo!

Thursday night, we cheered on the Clemson Tigers
 as they defeated NC State to go 3-0 for the season!

The weekend brought projects and fun...
after being out of town for weeks after daddy started digging fence posts,
we finally rented a truck to bring the actual fence panels home!
He was able to install all the panels down the property line,
so now we just need to get the front built!

I was able to plant the flower boxes on the porch,
as well as pull some weeds and do some pruning out front. 
I also did another fun project over the course of the weekend,
but I'll get to that a little later!

On Sunday afternoon, after working hard all weekend,
we decided to have a little fun at the Carolina Green Fair.
It was a great time with 'birds of prey', food vendors,
live music and beer!

As for you sweet girl,
you are talking a lot more!
We thought your first word may be 'cat'...
since you say ca-ca-caaa, while pointing at Rudy.
But you can't say your "T's",
one word you definitely say ALL the time,
although who knows if you know what you are saying,
is GO! Go-go-gooo.

I'm trying not to hover.
Truly, I am.
And apparently it's good to let you explore on your own.
My fears are just that you'll eat the cat food, 
or figure out how to get that plastic cover out of the electric socket,
and if you don't shock yourself, you might possibly choke on said plastic.
Either way, I'm a hover-er.

Apparently letting you explore rooms on your own 
is supposed to help you "feel secure and independent" at this age.
(according to 
I'll work on that. 

Now, on to the project I mentioned above!
I'm in full-on planning-mode for your first birthday.
And in a lot of the photos I've pinned on Pinterest (private board).
I've noticed several of them have painted antique highchairs.
Yes, we have a space-saver highchair that we LOVE,
and has served us well over the past 10 months,
I was at my favorite antique/thrift store... Attic Treasures,
and I happened upon a wooden highchair for $35!

I didn't buy it.
I thought about it for weeks.
I couldn't stop thinking about it.
And one day, I couldn't take it anymore,
and I rushed over, terrified that it would be gone.

The woman asked when I came in if she could 'help me',
and I told her what I was looking for, and she took me to it,
as if I didn't remember where I'd left it several weeks back!
Then she happened to mention that it was 30% off!?!

Adrenaline kicked in and I carried it from the far reaches of the back room,
up to the front of the store at top speed, up stairs and through sliding doors,
and after checking out for less than $26, I rushed it out to the car and threw it in the back
hurrying as fast as I could before they realized they had way undercharged me!

Anyway, I spent the weekend priming and painting 'the chair',
and I'm thrilled with how it turned out!

There were several reasons for leaving the tray the original wood...
1. I was hesitant to paint anything that she would be eating off of.
2. I like that the chair is actually the same tone/color of wood as the floors!
3. It's nice to have something of the original chair stay the same.
Of course the tray was the most worn (aka scratched),
but it doesn't really bother me all that much.

The rest of the chair is a baby blue.
Since we are doing a "You are My Sunshine" party,
the colors are primarily yellow, gray, and blue,
and I considered bright yellow for the chair,
but in the end decided to go with a nice neutral tone for our house.

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