Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Week 51

Are you kidding?
51 WEEKS! 

We have been in party-prep mode around here lately,
and most of our free time has been devoted to
cleaning, finishing projects, and stressing out.
I'm starting to think I've bit off more than I can chew.

We did manage to take a roadtrip in the midst of all that.
Originally my 20th high school reunion was scheduled for this past weekend,
but that was cancelled due to low attendance. Very sad.
However, we had already planned to do a family photo
of my mom, Gene, and all the grandkids for their holiday card,
so the trip went on as planned!

I can't share the photo yet,
but I will share this one series of Matilda with her Onnie & Papa...

You are a ham, girl!

It was great, and since it was Halloween week,
it gave us a chance to dress you up in your costume
and take a few photos at the local feed store,
where there were painted hay bales,
decorated as pumpkins, spiders, witches and such.


We also visited an apple farm to do a photo-op in the pumpkin patch,
and Onnie and Ellie came along.
All in all, it was a weekend full of picture-taking,
and by the end, you weren't very cooperative!
But I can't really blame you.


You wouldn't look at the camera,
you wouldn't smile,
but you would rock some skinny jeans!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Week 50

Well, I thought I'd have a bathroom update by now,
but I guess I got a little greedy after the kitchen backsplash reveal.
I am SO ready to take a shower in our new bathroom,
or even just have a toilet that's closer in the middle of the night.
Man o man, when is this going to be done?

Enough complaining. Let's get to the real reason for this blog,
Matilda updates!

This week was a pretty big deal.
Brian and I are HUGE music fans,
and it's only fitting that we try to share that love of music with our dear daughter,
because hopefully some day she will be a rock star.
(one can dream, right?)

There is an annual music festival in Charleston
called the Southern Ground Music & Food Festival
and Zac Brown Band started it, here and in Nashville,
so every year he's the headliner (both nights).
We've never gone for 2 reasons:
a. it's during football season

Well, Mommy won tickets on the radio!
Otherwise, we couldn't have afforded to go. 
Yep, that's right, I was the 5th caller
(technically the 6th, I think, but they gave me tix anyway).
2-day passes were $149 each,
so 2 FREE 2-day passes was pretty awesome,
and kids under 5 were already free.

And because we didn't have to pay to get in,
it gave us a little more flexibility in our schedule.
Because if I had to pay full price,
you better believe we would have been there from open to close!

Fortunately, the bands we wanted to see were all during the day,
 so we were able to go from around 2pm to 6pm each day,
which was great with an (almost) one-year old in tow.

I must say that she did fantastic for her first music festival!
We took a blanket and lots of toys and snacks,
and most importantly earplugs.

And Matilda was able to see Dawes, Trombone Shorty,
and Fitz & the Tantrums the first day;
and The Head & the Heart, Willie Nelson,
and Band of Horses the second day!

Dawes and Band of Horses are two of our favorites,
and we also love Willie! So we were stoked that the timing worked out how it did!

Willie Nelson in the background!

Plus, on Saturday it put us home just in time to witness
Tajh Boyd's worst game ever, and the only Clemson loss this season.
That was a heartbreaker.

It was also "Picture Day" at school this week!
Can't wait to see how those turned out!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Kitchen comple[tion]

After owning this house for 3+ years, we've finally finished our kitchen?

Honestly, it has felt "finished" for a long time,
since I had pretty much given up on the idea of even doing the backsplash. 

However, we had someone coming to finish the tile in the bathroom anyway,
so Brian thought it would be a good idea to add this to his list,
especially since we already had the tile.

 So glad we went ahead and did it!

Now if we could just get the master bathroom finished up!
Won't be long now!

 And just as a reminder, this was our inspiration.
Pretty close!

And just for fun, here's the kitchen
when we bought the house (it was much smaller then),
and without the backsplash...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week 49

Seems that I'm becoming more and more slack as this year progresses,
or I'm just super-busy (depending on how you want to look at it)!
Either way, we have some catching up to do!

I believe I've mentioned this before, 
but I am terrified that you are going to choke on EVERYTHING.
Therefore, this becomes a problem when it comes to trying new foods,
for fear that you won't know how to chew/swallow/etc.
So when I dropped you off at school on Friday morning,
there were waffles for the kids (whose parents give them food),
and I casually mentioned to Ms Rebecca that she could feed you real food 
if she wanted to. And this made her SO happy. 
She couldn't wait to introduce you to food!
And I was relieved because if you get used to eating food with her, 
then you'll already know what to do when I give it to you!

Ok, an already long story, but I'll try to sum it up.
You had waffles! Yay! Real food. 
And then a few days later, 
we gave you scrambled eggs & biscuit for breakfast!
And you loved it!

Slowly I'm becoming more and more comfortable with the idea. 
I guess this is all training for your 'smash cake',
since your first birthday is coming up, and you have to have cake! 

In other news, the renter moved out of my condo, 
but we found another tenant within a few weeks of his departure!
Before he moved out, he hired professional cleaners to come in, 
so that was taken care of thankfully!
But, there was still painting to be done, 
as well as minor fixes around the unit, typical wear & tear.
So the better part of Saturday was spent doing that, 
and you were a trooper!

On Sunday, we were supposed to have professional photos done 
to commemorate  your upcoming first birthday, 
but 5pm (which was the suggestion of the photographer)
did not coincide very well with your nap schedule,
so we've rescheduled for a morning appointment in the near future.
But because you were already dressed up, I tried my hand at a few photos of my own...
and this one turned out pretty cute!

We've had some work going on around the house the last couple of weeks!
And I can't wait to share the photos!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week 48

Mommy started your 48th week
with 2 nights out in a row (thanks, Daddy!).
Wednesday night there was an architectural lecture through the AIA/CAC.C,
and Thursday we had our company photo shoot for our holiday card,
and the whole office went out for happy hour!

The Cocktail Club

And by the end of all that, it was the weekend!
Woot, woot!

We started Saturday off with lunch at
the Charleston Fall Greek Festival.
Yummy gyros, Greek potatoes,and fun people watching!

And then it was time for football.
The Clemson and Georgia games were on at the same time,
so there was a lot of picture-in-picture action going on.

Sunday was a work day,
and Daddy finished the fence!
Our side yard has a little privacy now!
Of course, I want to spring into action,
buying string lights, a fire pit, and some outdoor furniture,
but as soon as I decided it was 
high-time to spend some quality time outdoors,
the weather went and got cold!

We covered a lot of your latest milestones in the Month 11 post,
but for the most part, you are just chugging along.

I fear that our early bedtimes may be going by the wayside,
if last night is any indication of what's to come.
You were up til 10:15 last night,
and the ladies at daycare this morning 
said that's part of growing up!
Oh no, please don't grow up, if that's the case. 
I've come to enjoy your 8:30 bedtime.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Month 11

Happy 11-month birthday!

11 months old isn't much different from 10 to be honest!
You are still on the move, although not walking yet!
You do like to go into rooms that you know you aren't allowed,
like the guest room where we keep the cat food.
Or the bathroom.
Doors are being kept closed around our house lately.

No change to our evening routine either, it's still
 dinner, a walk, and bath, bottle, bed.
As well as your nightly bedtime story,
that I seemed to have left out in months past.
This has been part of the routine for a while though,
sometimes multiple books depending on how wound up you are!

 Food:  Same as last month...
You have a bottle first thing in the morning,
and you still get 3 bottles (5 oz ea) at daycare...
as well as food for breakfast and lunch!
Dinner in the evenings, usually meat and some sort of veggies or fruit,
and another bottle before bed.
You do eat Cheerios, and drink water now and again.
You have your two bottom teeth now,
but that's it, so I'm still nervous about real food.
I fear that you should be drinking about 8oz with each bottle,
but it's hard enough to get the 5oz in you.

Sleep: Again, not much has changed (thank goodness)...
You are sleeping through the night... typically from 8:30pm to 6:30am.
I hope this stays this way for a LONG time!

Clothing size: You have moved up to 12-month clothes,
and even some 12-18 month.
The weather has been so unpredictable lately,
that we have the summer and winter wardrobes out.
And I must admit that some days you probably get dressed
in the opposite of what you should be wearing!

Toys: The walker, and stacking rings,
and even stuffed animals are getting more love lately.

You can definitely walk behind the push toy now,
but only assisted unless you are on carpet (!), 
since the wheels (even in the locked position) seem slick.
There have been a few falls, so we are extra cautious.

New tricks include:
Crawling faster,
pulling up more bravely,
walking along the edge of the coffee table.

Book of the Month:  Your book club book is 
All of Baby, Nose to Toes
by Victoria Adler.
I LOVE this book, and so do you!
It's so fun to read, and you really love pointing at the pictures.

Week 47

Sorry for the late post this week...
man we are almost to the Week 48 posting day!

Let  me see here, what happened almost 2 weeks ago!

Oh yeah, Matilda got some new shoes!!
She's started wearing sneakers to daycare.
I figured it would help her get her balance,
and maybe prevent anymore black eyes from occurring.
But wait, she's already outgrown them? WHAT?

In other news, we hired a 'pinch hitter',
as Brian likes to call him,
to come finish off the bathroom tile.
I use the word 'finish' loosely,
since there's still grouting to be done.
To be continued...

And speaking of bathrooms, I'm throwing this photo in, 
just cause I think it's cute!

And the fence work continued as well...
the posts along the front are in!
More on that in Week 48!!

 And the biggest news of the week...
Matilda moved up to a new car seat!
She's still facing backwards,
but no more being cramped in that infant carrier!

You can tell she really took to it,
with the first ride!

And we have a new favorite toy
(which Onnie gave her before she was even born),
but she likes to bury her face in this little Ikea puppy.

We spent some time playing at Brittlebank Park
after work one day, and you loved the swing!