Monday, October 7, 2013

Month 11

Happy 11-month birthday!

11 months old isn't much different from 10 to be honest!
You are still on the move, although not walking yet!
You do like to go into rooms that you know you aren't allowed,
like the guest room where we keep the cat food.
Or the bathroom.
Doors are being kept closed around our house lately.

No change to our evening routine either, it's still
 dinner, a walk, and bath, bottle, bed.
As well as your nightly bedtime story,
that I seemed to have left out in months past.
This has been part of the routine for a while though,
sometimes multiple books depending on how wound up you are!

 Food:  Same as last month...
You have a bottle first thing in the morning,
and you still get 3 bottles (5 oz ea) at daycare...
as well as food for breakfast and lunch!
Dinner in the evenings, usually meat and some sort of veggies or fruit,
and another bottle before bed.
You do eat Cheerios, and drink water now and again.
You have your two bottom teeth now,
but that's it, so I'm still nervous about real food.
I fear that you should be drinking about 8oz with each bottle,
but it's hard enough to get the 5oz in you.

Sleep: Again, not much has changed (thank goodness)...
You are sleeping through the night... typically from 8:30pm to 6:30am.
I hope this stays this way for a LONG time!

Clothing size: You have moved up to 12-month clothes,
and even some 12-18 month.
The weather has been so unpredictable lately,
that we have the summer and winter wardrobes out.
And I must admit that some days you probably get dressed
in the opposite of what you should be wearing!

Toys: The walker, and stacking rings,
and even stuffed animals are getting more love lately.

You can definitely walk behind the push toy now,
but only assisted unless you are on carpet (!), 
since the wheels (even in the locked position) seem slick.
There have been a few falls, so we are extra cautious.

New tricks include:
Crawling faster,
pulling up more bravely,
walking along the edge of the coffee table.

Book of the Month:  Your book club book is 
All of Baby, Nose to Toes
by Victoria Adler.
I LOVE this book, and so do you!
It's so fun to read, and you really love pointing at the pictures.

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